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Judy’s testimony shows why a company like Pioneer Financial Group is crucial.

Just ask 67-year-old Judy whether or not one person in one company can make a difference. Her agent, Amy Davis, made that difference for her and now Ms. Judy is passing it on making a difference in many seniors’ lives each week.
When Judy started working for Pioneer Financial Group two years ago, she was just about to turn 65.  Her agent helped her find the best Medicare supplement and drug plan for her budget. Just months later, she discovered her cancer from six years earlier had come back.   
The Medicare Supplement covered all of her out of pocket expenses and her drug plan covered her prescriptions, including a very expensive trial drug saving her thousands of dollars.  Judy is now in remission and continues to work with Pioneer Financial Group on the phone offering seniors Medicare Supplement comparisons.  
“All of this happened to me for a reason,” Judy says.  “Why I was placed here to work, why I survived cancer … now I can be here every day to help other people.”
Because she has a Medicare Supplement herself, Judy understands the needs and concerns of the senior market. Her best advice to seniors is:
1)    Never call an 800 number to sign up for insurance.  An 800 number is not an advocate when you have a problem with your Medicare supplement or have an insurance need.  You need an agent.
2)    Never enroll with a company that sells only one product.  The insurance company will never call you when you have a price increase.  At Pioneer, we are a broker appointed with multiple companies and can shop many options to make sure your needs are met at a cost that is right for you.  If you have any increase, we can shop to find you a better rate with another company.  We work for you, not the insurance company.
3)    Never enroll in an Advantage Plan.  If you have an illness, the out of pocket expenses can be exorbitant.
As a cancer survivor, Ms. Judy knows how valuable an agent can be.  Not only will an agent assist you in choosing the right supplement, but that agent will also be there to keep the cost of your supplement and prescription drug plan down and shop it if you have an increase.  This could be a savings of hundreds of dollars each year.
Thirteen years ago, Jason and Ginger Ford started Pioneer Financial group after they’d been in the insurance business for more than 10 years.  They had ideas and values about what a company serving seniors should be.  Their goal is to meet the financial and insurance needs of the senior market including Medicare supplements, financial planning, home and auto, commercial, long-term care and life insurance.  
Pioneer Financial Group is a local firm with agents across the state.  One of our agents would love to be that difference maker for you.  Call Ms. Judy today and she will connect you with one of them.

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