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By, Macy Goodnight; Cannabis dispensaries in Oklahoma are not in short supply, but one, in particular, stands out with a focus on the legitimate hope and wellbeing of their customers, and a compassionate commitment of support to local charities.

The friendliest team in town!  Budtenders and staff at Med Pharm: (Back row left to right) Stacy, Josh, Jason, Denise, Big John, Kayla, and Tanner. (Front row left to right) Poppy, Wes, and Jess.

Med Pharm, a family-owned and operated business, is dedicated to providing genuinely sound and honest medicinal marijuana expertise. They have earned a respected name in the industry, with distinction in trust and quality.  They are located in Coweta city limits, but maintain a Broken Arrow address, at 24683 E. Hwy 51.  Their knowledgeable staff is eager to share their wisdom, and are famed as the friendliest bunch around.  The dispensary offers a massive selection of edible and smokable products, as well as tinctures, vapes, topicals, and many accessories.  For added convenience, a drive-up window is available.  A medical doctor is available twice a month to assist patients with recommendations in acquiring medical cards.  Owner, Denise Mink, is concerned with the stigma surrounding the medical use of cannabis and believes that education is key to understanding the incredible benefits it provides patients.  “We have seen small miracles here with PTSD, anxiety, cancer, Krohn’s, and even children with autism or other special needs,” she said.  “We’ve seen it help so many people.”  Since opening their doors in December of 2018, they have served the medicinal needs of their many customers with compassion and insight.  “This has become more rewarding to me beyond what any other career could do,” she said.

Owner, Denise Mink, has a passion for charitable work, including immense support for animal rescue.

Denise and her husband, Chris, built a successful business with the notion of making it the most comfortable, friendly, and inviting space they could.  “We have a unique place, and people say all the time they’ve never been to a place like this before,” said Denise.  “We try to cater to and help as many people as we can.”  With their patient’s needs in mind, they have an extensive menu of options, with a price that fits any budget.  “We want people to also feel like they can ask questions, and that they’re being listened to, and respected.  We want our customers to feel at home.”

Med Pharm offers the highest quality flower, as well as a multitude of other products, providing the best and lowest prices.

Giving back to the community is of the utmost importance to Denise and Chris, with multiple charities benefitting monthly from their support. A local nursing home and many youth groups receive monetary donations from Med Pharm, as part of their altruistic mission.  The largest part of their contribution aids local animal rescue programs, such as CARE.  “They don’t have much outside funding, and especially right now, they have a greater need,” said Denise.  “Animal rescue is something I have always done; it’s very central to us.  It’s what I am most passionate about.”  It is their pledge to help and give hope to those in need.

CARE Animal Rescue is one of the largest benefactors of support from Med Pharm.

More information on their products and educational resources on cannabis benefits can be found
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