Be Weather-Ready This Winter

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South Pointe Chevrolet service advisor team (L-R) Jody Moore, service director Wes Adams, Brennen Phipps and Kenny Peevyhouse.

By, Macy Goodnight; Oklahomans are no strangers to extreme weather, but is your vehicle ready for a brutal winter?  Local meteorological reports are saying get ready for the cold!  South Pointe Chevrolet is your authority on ensuring vehicles are weather prepared and safe for the season.

Located at 9146 South Memorial in Tulsa, South Pointe Chevrolet’s Service and Parts Department values customer safety and satisfaction above everything else. Their highly trained technicians are always up-to-date on the latest technology to ensure every vehicle they service is at its peak performance, with multipoint inspections that are thorough and comprehensive. All inspections are free, showing that they truly care for their customers and their safety on the road.

Service Director, Wes Adams, has a hunch this season is going to be an exciting winter and highly recommends taking essential steps to keep your vehicle running safely and efficiently. “You don’t want to get stuck with problems in the cold,” he said. “We just finished a very hot summer, and those extreme temperatures can wreak havoc on the internal workings of your vehicle,” he said.” Excessive heat can wear on belts and hoses, tires and the cooling system. “When the weather changes to extreme cold or hot, that’s when we see the most problems when things go wrong with a vehicle.” South Pointe advises taking advantage of their free multipoint inspection, which covers a thorough analysis of the vehicle, including basic care essentials.


When antifreeze is new, it has a sweet smell to it, but once it starts to get old or dirty, it will develop an odor as it becomes acidic. Old antifreeze can eat away at the hoses and internal workings, weakening those parts. An extreme change in temperature, such as a freeze, can cause weakened parts to crack and burst, perhaps the radiator or engine block. “When you go from hot to cold, that’s when you can see problems,” said Wes. “If a hose cracks, a little seep can turn into an even bigger leak.”


During the hot summer months, tires can wear quickly and even become dry and cracked. If tire pressure is too low or too high, uneven wear on the tires can cause the tire to become hazardous, with blowouts a possibility. As temperatures change, so does the tire pressure in your vehicle. South Pointe will check tire pressure and fill as needed for free; just simply pull in and request. Checking your own tires is imperative, with regular emphasis on the tread and pressure. Most tires are now equipped with tread lines that show when the tread is low, but if you do not have these, a penny can be a good measurement tool. “If you turn the penny upside down and stick it between the tread, Lincoln’s nose should be covered,” said Wes. “Below that, it’s time for new tires.” Bear in mind that tire wear can vary depending on consistent tire pressure, so checking the entire surface, center and sides, is a good practice.

Service technician Steven performs a tire rotation.


If your vehicle battery is more than three years old, it is highly advisable to have it inspected. Extreme temperature changes can weaken the cells, and a voltage check will help identify the need for replacement.

Other Essentials

Wiper blades, hoses and belts, and other fluids in the car should be checked regularly, but especially before Winter and summer, as they will rapidly deteriorate in excessive heat or cold.

The experts at South Pointe are ready to serve and inspect your vehicle for your seasonal security. Stop in now and trust them to keep you warm and safe on the road this winter.

Service technician Richard performs a 32-point safety inspection.

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