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At Vim 360, self-care is everything.

Vim 360 is much more than a Pilates studio. More accurately, it is a hub of well-being at the intersection of mind, body, and spirit.
With a practice centered in mindfulness and body positivity, Vim is a life-affirming way to augment a basic healthy lifestyle or even the management of painful ongoing conditions.  
Many of Vim 360’s clients come with a clear goal in mind: to be able to play on the floor with their grandchildren; to be able to lift their three-year-old daughter onto their shoulders; to have the stamina to walk around all day on vacation; to build strength and stability to make sure a simple fall doesn’t cause serious, lasting damage; to be able to dance at their own wedding.
“One lady said, ‘I want to be able to pick up my three-year-old and let him watch the popcorn pop in the microwave,” explained Teresa McIlroy,  a licensed physical therapist and the studio’s owner.
Clients work with members of the team to develop an individualized health plan based on their experience, lifestyle, personal goals, physical ability, and unique needs. At the heart of these plans, Vim 360’s experts help match clients with their ideal fitness classes and activities.
After establishing a wellness strategy, clients are matched with classes most appropriate to their strength, abilities, and comfort levels. Many classes are offered only to clients over 55, and with class sizes up to 6 students, participating seniors can expect to meet a handful of folks with similar physical capabilities. Students often build strong connections with classmates, sharing their struggles and successes, support, and even recipes and family photos.
Community and heart are at the core of the Vim ethos. Vim 360’s team builds fitness classes around this ethos and fosters the growth of new connections to help Vimmers maintain their healthy lifestyles. “Our clients get good care, not just a workout,” explained Beth Cassody, PTA. If a trainer notes a client’s need during a session, he or she shares this with the team to make sure the client is fully cared for. Similar to physical therapy, a trainer might make a modification or give the client an exercise to work on strengthening the muscle and restoring balance.
Vimmers are offered a wide range of opportunities to build strength and balance, including all levels of Pilates instruction on both mats and reformers, yoga, barre, and tai chi.
For those who might find all of this a little intimidating, put your mind at ease--Vim 360 specializes in offering gentle, simple introductions for all levels of strength and health. The Vim 360 team are experts at working with seniors and physical disabilities. Individuals with Parkinson’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and osteoporosis all find relief in the body positive care of Vim 360.
At Vim 360, self-care is everything, which means wellness coaching can also mean a trip to the grocery store and pantry makeover.
Vim 360 widely surpasses the definition of a traditional studio with its offerings. If feeling healthier and having more energy and power to take care of yourself and enjoy life are #goals, stop by for a free consultation and get on the road to better living.

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