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Brent and Rhonda Nicholson can help you test and treat your water for optimum results.

Hydration is healthy.  Since approximately 70% of our bodies are water, it makes sense we should use the purest, healthiest water we can find.  Achieving the healthiest hydration is not as transparent as purchasing a bottle of water. It begins at the cellular level for the body and the most useful water for our bodies includes three primary factors:  antioxidant level, pH level, and absorption or hydration rate.
Brent and Rhonda Nicholson, are owners of IO Pure Water, a local business that specializes in offering a very effective, small in-home alkalized ionized water machine that aids in supporting better health for you and your family; and will save you from purchasing expensive bottled water that can be acidic to your body.  There are eight models that provide everything from various water types, pH ranges, and antioxidant hydrogen rich water.  Models include counter-style, under-the-counter, travel and shower units; including ones for commercial restaurant use.  
The couple became intrigued with this alkaline antioxidant water purification system when they were shown the science behind it in a demonstration comparing bottled water, tap water, Gatorade, and soda pop. The acid and alkalinity differences were measured with an ORP meter (Oxidation Reduction Potential which measures oxidation and antioxidation).  The bottled water measured 370+ oxidation, tap water was 400+ oxidation, Gatorade measured at 350+, soda came in at 300+ oxidation; being highly acidic. Comparatively, their sample of alkalized ionized water measured at negative 300 antioxidation, meaning it was highly antioxidant and very good for your health.
Alongside the health benefits of this machine, you can also adjust the system pH levels from 2.5 to 11.5, to create tap water for a variety of other household uses. For instance, by adjusting the machines pH level to 2.5 your water will be very acidic and can be used as a “cleanser”; hospitals in Japan use it at this level to sterilize and disinfect instruments – it’s been known to kill e coli, salmonella, MRSA and other bacteria.  6.0 pH level is great for your skin…8.5 to 9.5 pH is excellent for drinking for both you and your pets…11.5 pH acts as a laundry detergent and degreaser because it emulsifies oils, dirt, and removes pesticides from vegetables during washing.  Vegetables washed with this water are known to taste fresher and last longer.
The greatest allure of this water purification system is that it is affordable and long lasting.  Contact Brent and Rhonda and they will be happy to give you more information.

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Frequenly Asked Questions

What is it?
Ionized hydrogen rich water in its natural state flows over rocks and water.  During the 1970’s, a Japanese scientist found a way to mimic this water ionization by inventing a machine using platinum covered titanium plates that circulates the water and enriches its ionization, alkalinity and purity; similar to the natural waters you would find in places such as Lourdes, France and Nordenau, Germany.

What will it do for me?
Everyone is different, some people receive many health benefits, and we have even heard about amazing health recovery testimonies.

Is this the same alkaline water that I will find on the grocery store shelf?
No, it does not have chemicals in the water to create alkalinity.

How does it taste?
It tastes good; a lot of people don’t like the taste of water and will replace it with soda and coffee.  This water is very fresh and pleasing.

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