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Aaron Morris, Event Coordinator for the Broken Arrow Civitan’s Christmas Parade.

Nothing says Christmas cheer like a good old-fashioned Christmas parade. While many local events, like the Rooster Days, have been canceled due to the current pandemic this year, Broken Arrow has decided to keep the tradition going and still hold its annual Christmas parade. The theme for this year is “Christmas At Home.”

As always, the parade is hosted by the Broken Arrow Civitans, who were formed in 1961 and took over the Broken Arrow Christmas Parade in 1988. “We are a club of volunteers who raise money for organizations that help individuals with developmental disabilities, such as the Griffin Promise, Special Olympics, A New Leaf, Happy Hands, etc.,” says Aaron Morris, Event Coordinator for the Civitan’s Christmas Parade. In the past, they have been able to do so by selling food from their own food truck, organizing pancake breakfasts, and other fundraisers.

This year, the parade is scheduled for December 5 at 10 a.m.  It will start at the intersection of North Main Street and East College Street and will go all the way to the Central Park Community Center. Visitors will be able to park off Main Street and then line the street, practicing social distancing where possible. Since it is a very popular and well-received event, it is not surprising that, again, many sponsors have committed to participating. As the final applications are still pouring in, guests can look forward to seeing and listening to ten to twelve marching bands, several car clubs showing off their best vehicles, and churches presenting their floats and fleet. A special someone from the North Pole has also confirmed their attendance, so there will definitely be plenty to see for young and old!

So come on out, enjoy a December morning in the beautiful Rose District and get into the Christmas spirit with your family! But before you do, make sure you check the Rose District, Central Park Community Center, and BA Civitans Facebook pages where possible changes or cancellations will be posted.

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