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Owner, John Chatzigiannidis (D.O.M.P, C.PED, A.C.M.T)

By, Macy Goodnight; At Restoring Body Health and Feet Unlimited, the complete well-being of patients is an absolute priority. Many people do not realize just how important their own foot health is to overall health. John Chatzigiannidis, (D.O.M.P., C Ped., A.C.M.T.) encourages his patients to educate themselves and understand the importance of caring for one’s feet, especially those with diabetes.

Located in The Warren Medical Building at 6465 S. Yale Ave., Suite 608, their mission is to help their patients move better, feel better and live better. John has provided comprehensive care as owner and practitioner for almost 20 years and is a trusted Certified Pedorthist. His work specializes in many areas, including manual osteopathic manipulation, custom made orthotics, ankle-foot orthotics and Therapeutic Diabetic Shoes.

Diabetic Shoes are essential for the comfort and foot health of patients with diabetes, and Medicare Part B may cover the furnishing and fitting of one pair of extra depth shoes per calendar year, if the patient has been diagnosed with diabetes, meets qualifying conditions and is under the care of a M.D. or D.O. The Medicare Diabetic Shoe Bill was passed by Congress in 1993 to provide them to patients to prevent further damage and ulcers.

“Candidates who qualify for the diabetic shoes must meet at least one from a list of criteria,” explained John. The patient has one or more of the following:

Diabetes mellitus, Partial or complete amputation of the foot, Previous foot ulceration, Pre-ulcerative callus, Peripheral neuropathy with evidence of callus formation, Foot deformity, Poor circulation, and Being treated under a comprehensive plan of care by primary care physician for diabetes.

“The Therapeutic Diabetic Shoe is created to prevent and relieve the rubbing and irritation that regular shoes can inflict on someone with these problems,” John said. “People are more active and the demand for them is more prevalent.” The shoes are wider, deeper, have a more comfortable stitching, and include heat molded inserts that are replaced every four months. The entire shoe is designed to restrict friction, and the liner will also whisk away moisture. It is designed for the utmost comfort of the patient.

Diabetic Shoes have come a long way in style and fit, and many options are available to patients. Many styles are available to accommodate most wishes. “I get to know the patient and understand their needs,” John said, “and I want to make sure they get the right shoe, that is lifestyle appropriate.”

John also emphasizes that overall foot health for anyone should be a priority. “Seeing a podiatrist once a year for a Comprehensive Diabetic Foot Exam is part of prevention,” he said. “Always ask questions. You are your best advocate for your own health.” Patients of Restoring Body Health and Feet Unlimited know that John truly cares for each of them and provides an open communication on a plan for care for all. “Empower yourself with information,” he said. “That’s what we want to do for you. We want to help change people’s lives.”

For more information on Therapeutic Diabetic Shoes and for overall well-being, visit their website at www.restoringbodyhealth.com.

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