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If there was a playbook for setting your children up for success it would include providing them with the best opportunities to develop their character and potential. Many parents choose martial arts as one method to help raise confident leaders. Martial arts programs have long been successful for instilling habits to maximize physical, mental and social skills. Children, adults and families have benefited from these kinds of programs and proven that it’s never too early – or - too late to learn to become the most exceptional person we were meant to be.

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Chris Velez is a 5th Degree Black Belt and opened Martial Arts Academy - Family Training Center in 2003.

Since 2003, Martial Arts Academy - Family Training Center in Owasso has been helping parents raise confident leaders and adults reach their full potential. Students at any age or maturity can achieve real success through discipline and challenging oneself through experiences. Their unique programs encourage training for those as young as 4 years and up in a positive environment that allows all to thrive.

Owner and instructor, Chris Velez, has a passion for what he does and has been practicing martial arts most of his life. He believes that each person has their own individual journey and defining attributes. At Martial Arts Academy they will help you build better strengths from the inside out through greater effort, improved attitude and determination.

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The Dark family enjoys their time training together at Martial Arts Academy in Owasso.

“Our goals are to develop healthy mental attitudes and inspire never-ending improvement using techniques for overcoming challenges and accomplishing goals,” Chris explained. “That approach builds self-confidence. Peer pressure is at an extraordinary all-time high and there are ways to reduce the problem. We want to empower our students with decision-making skills and proven principles that form determination, perseverance and confidence; resulting in being less concerned about unhealthy outside pressure and influences.

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Master the side kick technique and get twice the core activation of a crunch while toning and strengthening your legs and glutes.

Leaders commonly see themselves as successful. “It never fails, when a student begins seeing themselves as successful in our training programs their confidence translates into a desire to set more ambitious goals and experience greater success in other areas of their life. The equation is: LEADER = CONFIDENCE developed by practicing self-discipline,” Chris said.

This is a “TEAM” atmosphere that keeps everyone moving in the right direction. The curriculum has proven successful not only for the added benefits of encouragement and leadership but as an amazing way for people to come together for a rewarding experience together.

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In a world that is obsessed with pop culture and celebrities, it’s important to give your kids something grounding like martial arts, especially for young ladies.

Children need to trust in their own capabilities and know-how to cope when they aren’t successful…how to become disciplined and achieve goals…how to try new things…how to persevere and celebrate effort…Martial Arts Academy - Family Training Center in Owasso is here to help you set your child up for success.

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