TNG Power Equipment: Mowing Down the Competition

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TNG Power Equipment owner Tim Johnson.

Whether your lawn is 1 acre or 1,000 acres, Tim Johnson at TNG Power Equipment can put you in the right mower for you.

With an unparalleled assortment of classic models and new brands, Johnson’s Claremore-based business specializes in meeting the needs of its customers, with a few new mowers in stock just in time for the spring season.

“One thing we have in that’s new are the new models of Ferris (mowers) in, which are revamped from the previous models in that they have wider front wheels, now have suspension seats (some previous models did not), and the bigger units are going to the new kind of suspension – twin bars up on top and bottom instead of on each side,” he said. “This keeps the mower from dipping when you quickly stop the mower quick or from scalping the yard.”

Ferris has long been noted for its patented suspension technology, which reduces the effects of uneven terrain, effectively eliminating shock to the chassis and the rider, thus allowing the operator to maintain speed better while mowing, increasing productivity, and enabling them to get the work done more safely and efficiently.

“The price on those (Ferris mowers) start at $4,299 and go up, so you can easily get into a commercial mower for less than $5,000,” he said.

Even though the revamped Ferris models are the newest on the market, Johnson said customers have “already been buying them” in anticipation of the coming warm season.

“Ferris (mowers) are always popular – the brand is one of the best on the market, but something else new we now carry are Bad Boy Mowers, which are commercial and residential zero-turn motors,” he said. “We became a dealer of those not long ago. They’re a strong mower with a lot of power that gives a very clean cut.”

Since November 2019, TNG Power Equipment in Claremore has been a carrier of Bad Boy Mowers, offering sturdy commercial and residential equipment for a well-groomed lawn.

Pricing for Bad Boy mowers start at $2,999.

“Bad Boy (mower) frames are set up on a rubber isolator, which gives a smoother ride – not quite like a Ferris, but still, extremely smooth and much less rough on the rider, which makes a big difference when you’ve got a lot to mow,” he said.

Lesser-known mower and power equipment brands also are available at TNG, such as Simplicity, Dixon and Jonsered and household names like Snapper, which recently brought back the classic rear-engine rider, which features the engine in the back and deck beneath the feet of the rider.

“Snapper had switched up how they made their mowers, making them ‘walk-through’ mowers, but people didn’t like those, so they changed it back to the rear-engine models,” Johnson said. “It’s better built, and really what made Snapper the recognizable name it is today. Price ranges on those (Snapper mowers) go from $1,899 and up.”

Power washers, aerators, rollers, spreaders, small trailers and various handheld equipment, all on display at TNG’s spacious showroom floor – one of the largest of its kind in a four-state area, Johnson said.

Sophisticated equipment like TNG’s name-brand mowers, handheld power tools, and even simpler tools such as this roller are always in stock.

“We’ve got right at 2,800 square feet here – and that’s just the showroom,” he said. “This gives us the chance to show more products and allows customers to come inside, whether it’s to get out of the rain or get out of the heat, to take their time, look around, maybe talk to one of our knowledgeable staff, and decide what they might need or want.”

He added that the public is invited to come see the TNG showroom with the newest brands and models, as well as the classic ones, at an upcoming open house.

“We’re going to be hosting an open house Friday, March 27 and Saturday, March 28,” he said. “We will be offering special pricing, giveaways, free food and drinks, and more as kind of a spring kick-off, and allow people who might not normally come by to come in and meet with the staff and I, get to know us, get to know what we’re about and what the store is about.”

As always, TNG offers and services all brands of mowers and other items, and as Johnson said, “We won’t be beaten on service.”

TNG Power Equipment is open Mondays through Saturdays, from 8 a.m. until “the last customer is taken care of,” he said.

For more information, contact Johnson at 918-923-6712 or visit them in person at 2100 S. Highway 66 in Claremore.

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