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Tonya Jarvis, REALTOR.

By, Macy Goodnight;  It is said that home is where the heart is, but finding the house of your dreams, and following through the stressful process of buying, takes working with a real estate agent that genuinely has the heart for it.

Tonya Jarvis isn’t just in the real estate industry, she’s in the business of building friendships. Since 2016, she has strived to provide her clients with a higher level of service as an award-winning, RE/MAX REALTOR that truly cares about the needs and wishes of those she serves. It is her commitment to her own family and values that compels her and also separates her from others in her field.

“I went into this business with a helpful spirit, and I wanted to build friendships with these people who were trusting me with one of the biggest steps they’re going to make for their family,” she said. “That level of trust and transparency, in the beginning, is super critical.” With so many moving parts to buying a home, a REALTOR is there to help navigate the journey and maneuver through each step and ensure that all of the difficult details come together seamlessly. “My motto is start to close with TJ,” said Tonya. “I like to spend as much time as possible with my buyers to explain the process, the positives and the negatives that can be expected, so that there is nothing unexpected.”

Through her work, Tonya found that she had a genuine passion for helping other people.

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“My success in real estate has allowed me to share with others and to give back in a way I wasn’t able to do before,” she said. “I take pride in being able to do things outside of that, whatever that looks like; whether buying books, or contributing to Big Brothers and Big Sisters.” One of her passion projects is an annual blood drive held in the RE/MAX office, with the third one coming up in September of this year. In December of last year, Tonya sponsored 80 children and adults in the Angel Tree. The Salvation Army said it was one of the largest 2020 contributions from an individual.

The greatest driving force behind her success and ambition is, and has always been her children. “I grew up with very young parents, and I watched them struggle and scrape by, but my parents worked very hard, and that made a big impact on me,” she said. “I’m grateful to be able to do more for my own kids, but set a good example for them to do the work to get what they want.”

As a top agent, Tonya has received many accolades and high reviews, but her greatest satisfaction is the knowledge of the efforts she invested to get there. “It’s very important that at the end of the day we leave with a friendship and that if anyone else was going to buy a home, I would be the first name that came out of their mouth,” said Tonya. “I’m just a different kind of REALTOR; I put more of my heart in it.”

For more information, call (918) 527-4290, or visit or her website at www.tjarvis.remax-oklahoma.com.

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