Halloween Festival is Your Kind of a Spooky Time!

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Hatter & Jack
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The Castle welcomes one and all to create your best holiday event! Whether you are looking for family-friendly fun or spine-tingling thrill, the Castle of Muskogee’s Halloween Festival has your fill.

6 p.m. Nightly: With a zany mix of wings, capes, and horns, the Monsters of Castleton emerge to gather in the village. The music starts, and the ghouls begin their dance, which signifies the beginning of the evening festivities. Everyone is invited to watch and are certainly encouraged to join. The dance is one of the most magical moments of the festival.

The newest gem of this season’s festival is the Halloween Train. Guests will board in the Harbor and enjoy the enchanting colors, characters and catchy music of the Castle. The track loops through the woodlands up to the Maypole and back. Everyone may ride, but it is at its best with the younger visitors of Castleton.

Families will enjoy the array of activities which are sure to provide plenty of photo ops and fall fun within the realm of Halloween Land (8 & Under). The Castle Village also has pony rides, inflatables, cocoa, and sweets! If you are ready for a bit more fright, the Haunted Hayride is sure to provide mid-range scares and fun for the group.

Getting Spookier...

Domus Horrificus has upgraded its shell with a new skin. The Horror Film themed haunt has new residents. Slender Man has made a home within the walls of Horrificus. With the familiar terror of the Purge, guests may have no option, but to escape through ventilation shafts and crawl spaces. There are dark halls and tight spaces in this cinematic nightmare haunt. Although like themes past, it seems that Jigsaw has shuffled the board to create an entirely new layout. All Haunters beware of this terrifying five skull haunt.

Perhaps the most infamous of the Halloween Festival is the Trail of Blood. Hearts race once guests realize they have suddenly been abandoned in the backwoods of the Castle. A clue for this year... more Giggles under the Big Top. Fans of TOB may also enjoy the excitement provided during the Dark Tower Zombie Hunt, where you are issued a weapon and tasked with a mission to clear the area of Zombies.

Parking and admission to the Halloween Village are free. Tickets must be purchased for attractions. Prices range from $3 to $15 each with combo specials available. Advance tickets may be purchased online, okcastle.com. Hours are 5:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. and Halloween Land hours are 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

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Photo Courtesy of the Castle of Muskogee

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