What Are You Doing With Your Life?

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Mark Sherwood, ND, and Michele Neil, DO, are certain that patients who commit themselves to getting well and staying well will keep their New Year’s resolution. Why? Because they have seen it time and time again. It works!
This husband-and-wife team is on a mission to help people improve every facet of their lives. And they are spreading the message through print, television and one-on one in their clinic, Functional Medical Institute.
Dr. Michele says they have far more than a medical practice at FMI. “We have the premier lifestyle change clinic in the area,” she says. She does not believe in pushing pills or processes, or even treating symptoms, as most conventional medicine physicians would do. “We get to the root cause.”
They start by carefully listening to each patient’s story and to his or her specific needs and goals. They take into consideration the interactions among genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors that can influence long-term health and chronic disease. They have what they call a “patient-centered approach,” which addresses the whole person, with physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual aspects. From there, a highly individualized plan takes shape.
Dr. Mark recalls one couple who recently came to the clinic. Jim and Carol Ann, both in their 50s, were severely overweight and overmedicated for numerous ailments. They had no energy and lived with aches and pains that they thought were expected with age. Yet, they were tired of this lifestyle and the way they felt every single day. After working with Drs. Mark and Michele for six months, they each lost 35 pounds and were no longer on medications.
“When people are ready to change their lives, and understand why they are making these changes and then see the results, we have a lifetime commitment,” says Dr. Mark. The naturopathic doctor works with his wife to blend conventional medical techniques with natural healing and health maintenance.
Together, they provide the knowledge, resources and tools that give patients a greater understanding of their health. They offer monthly seminars or wellness classes that cover such topics as nutrition, exercise, cooking, hormone balance, regulating blood sugar and lots more.
Drs. Mark and Michele are thrilled with the success of their recently published book, “The Quest for Wellness.” The Amazon best seller has been embraced throughout the world. The book is filled with stories from people who have tried everything else and failed. They made the commitment to take ownership of what they eat and how they live, and now they are enjoying life to the fullest. “The book is easy to understand and it makes sense,” says Dr. Mark. “And people can easily find a starting point in it. They can see themselves taking that first step and then carrying on.”
The couple’s passion for health and wellness can also be seen on “Living It TV,” a 30-minute program broadcast every Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. on Cox Cable 3 and 1003 in Tulsa and Oklahoma City. They entertain and inspire as they share their knowledge, as well as their personal struggles and successes. “We are only human,” says Dr. Michele. “We are real people, and we want our viewers to know that even committed people like us can slip up.”  
They cover topics that affect everyone’s wellness, including weight loss without dieting, alternatives to common drugs, money management, relationships, spiritual growth, stress, fatigue and dealing with setbacks. “We want people to enjoy a life filled with more energy, strength, focus and peace,” adds Dr. Mark. “It’s a life you used to know and enjoy when you were younger.”

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