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By. Macy Goodnight.From the moment you step foot into a Jersey Mike’s Sub shop, you know you’re in for a great sandwich. The heavenly aroma of fresh bread and meats, some recent baking, and maybe a hint of bacon lingers in the air, and your mouth begins to water. It’s really hard to choose from their delectable menu when everything looks SO good, but alas, you must decide on one (or two!), with the knowledge that there is always tomorrow.

Subs ordered “Mike’s Way” are piled high with onions, tomatoes, vinegar, oil, and a special mix of spices. Make it a meal with Vickie’s chips and a drink!

  Tulsa Hills Location.

There’s a reason they’re so vastly popular all over the country. They’re famous for using only the freshest ingredients, with meats sliced to order right in front of you when you place your order, and flavorful, freshly baked bread. Each sandwich is expertly prepared at the authentically East Coast-style deli, and range in size from the “mini,” 5-inch to the large 15-inch. Subs ordered “Mike’s Way” are piled high with onions, lettuce, tomatoes, vinegar, oil and spices. Classic and chicken Philly-style sandwiches are also available in several options. There are many classic and unique sub-styles available, with endless possibilities. The first Jersey Mike’s opened in Point Pleasant New Jersey, on the Jersey Shore in 1956. Today, there are well over 1900 stores throughout the United States, with four areas stores including Tulsa Hills, Broken Arrow, Bixby and Owasso. All local shops were recently retrofitted with a new, modern look, and the Tulsa Hills location offers an additional, outdoor seating area with great view. Customer service is top-notch, with a cheerful greeting when you enter the door, and attentive detail was taken in the preparation of your meal. Jersey Mike’s strives to deliver on their subs and service, but they are so much more.

With so many delectable options, it’s hard to choose. Subs are stacked high and made with the freshest ingredients while you wait.

Each sandwich is expertly prepared with only the freshest ingredients.

“It’s not just about selling a great sandwich at a fair price. It’s about helping people,” said Area Director for Oklahoma, Charlie Brown. “Our mission nationally is to make a difference in someone’s life.” As part of Jersey Mike’s tradition and culture of giving, they contribute to multiple charities throughout the year and participate every March in Jersey Mike’s Month of Giving, a nationwide effort to give back to local communities. Donations are collected in stores throughout the month of March, and on the last Wednesday in March, 100 percent of all sales are donated. In March of this year, they donated over $28,000 to DVIS (Domestic Violence Intervention Services) in Tulsa. Nationally, the Jersey Mike’s chain donated over $15 million to charities all across the country. “We donate money throughout the year in a lot of different ways,” said Charlie, “It is who we are to give back.”

Kelly slices meats right in front of you when you place your order.

Eating at Jersey Mike’s is not only good for you, it’s great for your community. For more information and to check out their delicious menu, visit their website at

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