Summer is a Great Time to Begin Martial Arts Training

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Martial Arts Academy instructors include (L to R): Eric Buckendorf, chief instructor Tulsa location, 2nd Degree Black Belt; Tara Modrell, assistant instructor, 2nd Degree Black Belt;  Chris Velez, senior chief instructor, 5th Degree Black Belt; Taylor Carrell 2nd Degree Black Belt, assistant instructor; Jonathan Davis, 2nd Degree Black Belt, junior assistant instructor.

Black Belt is the international symbol of an advanced martial artist and an exciting goal in your personal martial arts training program.  Satisfaction for your perseverance is the reward that makes it worth the challenging journey.
Willie Nelson has been known to have said, “Martial arts are one of the best exercises you can do – mentally, spiritually and physically.  
While many children begin their Black Belt quest as early as age 4, Willie started in his 60’s!  Martial arts at Martial Arts Academy, in Owasso and Tulsa, feature martial arts training programs for all ages and skill levels.
So when is the best time to beginner to start?  Summertime!  “Beginning your training during the summer allows for greater consistency in training.  Sometimes, after school has started, it can be difficult for beginner students who are setting their goals for their belts because of school demands, etc.,” explained Chris Velez, senior chief instructor and owner of Martial Arts Academy. “Summer training allows for the foundation to be laid by enabling students to train a couple times a week helping increase their mental stamina or intense focus.  Establishing their focus enhances their ability to concentrate greater on the instructor’s commands with less tendency for their attention to drift.”
“Classes are open to both kids and adults. This means families can train together and experience the steps, trials, tribulations and successes together. This combination of training helps maintain an example for one another.  All ages are treated the same…everyone rises to the occasion,” Chris said.  Occasionally, adults and kids have separate sessions depending on the content of that particular class.  
Your initial meeting with an instructor is about goal setting, a personal lesson and program details.  “Martial arts’ training is unique.  You are selecting a role model, and in some cases, a mentor which makes it important to meet and see the academy before making your decision.  At Martial Arts Academy every student makes a commitment and goal to achieve Black Belt.  It’s an ALL-IN attitude,” said Chris.  You will have a good understanding of how the progression works with both short-term and long-term goals, belts and ranks.
The first visual step of progress is achieving your Red Stripe. Most participants accomplish this step within the first two weeks of training. Chris indicated that moving up between ranks is roughly a two-month process and that the upper ranks can take longer.
Martial Arts Academy was established in 2003 as a family training center. “It is our core belief that any student at any physical age or mental maturity can achieve Black Belt Excellence and become a leader with the guidance of our qualified trainers. Our goal to teach a student  how to be the type of person that is always prepared to do their absolute best in whatever they set out to accomplish and become the positive example for others to follow. Our instructors and academy leaders serve as visual examples and role models for the students to follow. Our primary focus is building leaders by increasing confidence, mental stamina (focus), self-discipline, and respect through a consistently structured, respectful and disciplined environment that offers constant challenge,” emphasized Chris.
With two locations in Tulsa and Owasso, Martial Arts Academy offers martial arts training for children as young as 4 years old to adults.

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