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The late-night service team includes Stetson, Tanner, Chris, Service Manager Cliff Koger and Night Service Manager Mackenzie Rice.

Service Manager Cliff Koger recently released some exciting news, that South Pointe Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram Service Department is now open each day, Monday through Friday, until 12:00 midnight.  This makes the service opportunity window accommodating to most anyone.  “For many customers it is just near impossible to find time to bring vehicles in for service or recommended maintenance,” explained Koger.  “Our staying open until midnight five days a week throughout the year opens the door to a welcomed convenience for our valued customers.”

You could now drop your car off for service on your way to church Wednesday evening and pick it up on your way home.  Or if you can’t deliver your vehicle to the Service Department before beginning work, just drop it off any evening and pick it up after work the next day.

“Large or small businesses operating service fleets have welcomed the news with open arms,” said Koger.  “They will now be able to bring business vehicles in when they are out of service and hit the streets the next morning.”  Residents and travelers having automotive problems on local streets or highways will have a safe and secure place to leave vehicles overnight while getting needed services. 

Cliff’s professional Service Advisors are the faces of the department.  “They make a first impression on each customer as he or she approaches the Service Desk,” explains Koger.  “And during that first contact the stage is often set for a trusting, long-lasting relationship.

“Our great team of Factory Certified Service Technicians utilizes the finest tools and software available today,” added Koger.  “While your vehicle is in service, customers may call their Advisor for status information and even receive technician notes on details and progress.  All this convenience while the Advisor never has to leave the drive.  Between our professional Team, our Techs and the equipment available to them, I feel we are a step above the competition.” 

“Total customer satisfaction is our goal,” says Koger, “and happy customers make us happy.  The aim is to fix any problem correctly the first time, each time you visit.”  There are a lot of smiles in this Service Department making customers feel welcome.

On every visit, your vehicle receives a free visual inspection.  You also receive a printed report reminding you of maintenance schedules and informing you of anything you should know about your vehicle based upon its time spent on the road.  If needed, a treatment plan will be recommended.  The report is easy to understand with ratings of Pass, Caution or Fail so you’ll know if additional attention is needed.

The Multi-Point Inspection includes items like tire tread depth, condition of hoses and clamps, brake lining thickness, drive belts, battery terminals and cables, and a windshield inspection for cracks, chips or pitting.  A tech’s report will also include items like engine, transmission and cooling system inspections.  Tire pressure will be checked and adjusted if needed.  This is a very thorough bumper-to-bumper inspection of your vehicle.

If there is a recommendation for further service, the report will include a list of labor and material costs with an explanation to help you understand the reasons for the recommended services.  Again, your safety and confidence is the goal and this report is provided to ensure peace of mind and understanding of your car’s operating state.

You may make an appointment online with the Service Department or give them a call.  Once your vehicle is in the system, you choose to receive maintenance reminders by email, regular mail or by phone.  After one month, any new or used vehicle you’ve purchased from South Pointe is invited in for a free wash and checkup.

Koger also spoke of a program available to customers who require help paying for their automotive repairs.  CFS (Confident Financial Solutions) is available to anyone 18 years or older who has a valid email address and resides in a state where CFS is licensed to do business.  Applicants apply online at  In minutes they receive a credit decision and Cliff indicates that the approval rate is high.  If approved, CFS will pay your repair shop directly for up to your maximum approved amount.  Simple interest is only applied to the amount you borrow, not compounded on the interest itself.  The application process generally takes a few minutes.  CFS funds the repair amount once repairs are completed and documents are executed.  If you pay the loan off within the first 60 days, you qualify for the CFS 60-day Interest Free Program.  Go online for full details.

South Pointe is a trusted service provider for your Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge and Ram automobiles.  Give us a visit and don’t forget to take advantage of the “open-’til-midnight” service.

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You can count on repairs being done right the first time.

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