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By, Macy Goodnight; A home is so much more than the materials it is constructed with.  Pride is taken in the care of our domains, and time is well spent on its organizational elements to increase the positive flow of energy within its walls.  Recent events have given cause for more time in our sanctuaries, and for some, an interest in improving their spaces. Cabinetry is one of the most valuable improvements that can be strategically designed in a home, for functionality and style.

Established in 2004, Premium Cabinets of Tulsa has built a strong reputation for providing their customers with the highest quality in semi-custom cabinetry while maintaining affordability.  They specialize in new, superior class replacement cabinetry for kitchens and bathrooms, and work with their clients on design for optimal functionality and inspired aesthetics.  They provide a degree of “kitchen counseling” to establish a client’s cabinetry needs. “We really dig into our customers’ kitchen pains and try to resolve them,” said owner Austin Gullic.  “We are really hands-on with our design services, and I ask a lot of questions to find out how people operate.”

Austin remembers that as a child, he spent a great deal of time with his grandmother growing up.  She had rheumatoid arthritis, and he remembers how she labored in the kitchen.  “I remember watching her struggle with pots and pans, and figuring out those sorts of pains helps me to put my customers in a winning situation,” said Austin.  His grandmother’s kitchen was one of his very first cabinetry projects.  “Being able to solve those pain points is going to make you love your kitchen.”

Part of the Premium Cabinets design process includes a 3D tour of design, which is included for free.  From start to finish, a project can be completed within 2 to 3 months.  As their cabinets are completely finished before installation, time spent without use of the space is minimal, and there are no dangerous fumes.  Their cabinetry is of the highest quality available on the market.  “We don’t cheap out because we want our reputation to speak for us,” Austin said.  “We’re Premium Cabinets, so that means that everything gets fully upgraded.”

The latest trends in cabinetry are leaning toward a contemporary, clean look.  “Flat-panel is starting to arrive here and has been very popular on the East and West coast for a while now,” he said.  “It’s a European style, and it’s very modern and sleek.”  Also trending in popularity are shaker cabinets, with a darker, charcoal gray stain, allowing the natural wood grain to show.  “It really makes it look alive,” Austin said.

Premium Cabinet’s designs can be an enhancement not only in kitchen and bath, but can extend to built-ins for entertainment centers and around fireplaces, or storage in game rooms, and even wine cabinets.  There are endless possibilities to increase the organizational flow within a home.

For more information on their design and cabinetry services, visit their website at www.premiumcabinets.com/tulsa or call for an appointment at (918) 549-5553.

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