Eco-Friendly Car Wash Offers a Higher Level of Clean

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By, Maci Goodnight. There is something so completely satisfying about a trip to the car wash on a pretty day. For the absolute best clean in Claremore, West Side Car Wash hits the spot. The facility, located at 122 N. Davis Ave. has been the highest quality wash in town since August 2019. People from surrounding cities drive to take advantage of their automatic and self-serve wash bays.

It is open 24 hours a day with lights on until midnight and maintains 14 on-site cameras for increased safety at all times. With attention to detail unlike any other, West Side Car Wash provides an unsurpassed, innovative approach for your car washing experience.

Their automatic wash offers an advanced approach to cleaning using the new 3D scanning process as your vehicle enters the bay allowing the machine to reach every part of your car for an optimized clean. Moreover, the Soft Touch brushes are more like sponges that are designed not to hold dirt for an even safer wash performance. With 3 levels of washes, the Ultimate wash provides the best value with an undercarriage wash, bug-off soap, Triple Foam Soap, Spot-Free rinse, Rain Shield and dryer to complete the process.

For those who love to wash their car by hand, the self-serve bays have all the details covered right down to a drying system. Palm Dryers are in place in each bay providing a way to dry a vehicle or motorcycle with ease. A vending machine is also on-site for the purchase of microfiber towels, glass cleaner, Armor All products and of course, Little Trees Air Fresheners. Plus, what car wash would be complete without the 4  vacuum islands.

Keeping with technology, a free app is available to download specific to West Side allowing users to purchase washes right from their phones. The most popular part of the app is the Wash Club. A member can come in once a day for 30 days and pay one low price for the entire month. Even if you come through the automatic once a week it will pay for itself. The app is convenient and a money-saver.

West Side is proud to offer an eco-friendlier choice when it comes to car washing with the automatic wash only using 35 gallons of water per use. “Statistically speaking, a person can use up to 100 gallons of water when washing their car at home,” said Greg. The car wash also offers the highest quality detergents and water that is filtered through a softener and Reverse Osmosis system making the Spot-Free rinse nearly 99 percent pure H2O.

Also, three industrial-sized water heaters allow for hotter water to clean better and break down dirt and road grime.

Above all else, customers will receive the most exceptional and friendly service in town. “I like talking to people and helping out wherever I can,” Greg said. “Seeing them satisfied and knowing they got a good wash is the best reward.”

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