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Mike Winton has been helping Tulsa families during difficult times for more than four decades. He is a Vietnam veteran drafted in 1970, just after he graduated from the Dallas Institute of Mortuary Science. He began his lifelong career taking excellent care of fallen brothers in arms during his service in the Army.
Once he completed his time in the military, he returned to Oklahoma and has worked here and even owned his own local funeral home until he retired. However, he found that he missed the industry and returned as Funeral Director and Embalmer at Reynolds & Sons Funeral Service last year.
He believes in honest, clear communication and being upfront with grieving families. His experienced guidance is invaluable to families navigating this process for the first time. He said that cremation has become very popular in recent years, but most people don’t know that there are many options that go along with it, and that you can still have the memorial service you want with it.
“The question people ask is ‘How much is your cremation?’, but most people don’t realize that there’s many options that go along with a cremation, and that you can still have the memorial service you want,” said Mike.
He explains, “There is a traditional cremation, where they can rent a casket from us and have a normal traditional funeral, but we cremate afterwards instead of going to a cemetery. We also have a cremation service with a memorial service, which has the benefit of giving you more time to make decisions about the kind of memorial service you’d like to have. The third kind is a simple cremation, where there’s no ceremony involved. People don’t know they have these different options.”
Reynolds & Sons Funeral Service wants you to know that you can trust that the price ReynoldsandSonsFuneralService_ValuesMagazine_Tulsa_March2018_02you’re given will be the price you pay, and they will not pressure you to add more services or charge for things you didn’t know about after it’s too late. You can always add services if you’d like, but you can be sure that you know what costs are involved and that you will be fully taken care of for the price you’re given upfront. They will also help you navigate your options when another company is involved, such as the cemetery, because those options and costs can vary widely.
“There’s no upcharge,” said Mike. “Honesty, integrity 24/7. That’s just the way we do business. We offer professional services with a personal touch.” He said that he understands what it’s like to be at the table making arrangements. “I’ve been in this business practically all my life, and it’s still different when it’s your own family.”
Connie Reynolds, benefit coordinator at Reynolds & Sons Funeral Service, adds that“We have all experienced losing someone we love, there’s not a person working here who hasn’t. We know how it feels.” She is a licensed insurance agent and she helps people make pre-arrangements for their own funerals to take the pressure off of family members, and to memorialize people in exactly the way that they would like to be remembered.ReynoldsandSonsFuneralService_ValuesMagazine_Tulsa_March2018_03
Pre-arrangement also means that there are no out of pocket costs that family members will need to cover, and that once it’s arranged, they will never have to worry about the price increasing.
Call Reynolds & Sons Funeral Service and AdamsCrest Funeral Service today to make your pre-arrangements today. They will be there for you during your time of need.

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