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With a new year comes everyone’s most dreaded feat - besides keeping New Year’s resolutions, that is - starting to meet health insurance deductibles. What if you didn’t have to worry about deductibles and still got top-notch medical care at the same time? At Grassroots Healthcare, Dr. Melita Tate and her staff make that happen.

The clinic, which opened in 2011, provides affordable healthcare without the hassle of insurance. The premise is simple, Dr. Tate explains, “We have two plans to choose from; Direct Care, which costs a low monthly rate and allows you 24-7 access to the doctor, or Visit Based Care, which is price-based on each individual visit. Regardless of which plan you choose, no insurance or Medicare are needed.”  A list of fees for any lab service that may needed is listed on the front wall of the office and online. There are no hidden fees. You get sick, make an appointment, see the doctor and by eliminating third parties, such as insurance, the costs are kept low and the staff has more time to treat the patient as a whole.

“We didn’t start out aiming to treat patients holistically. It’s evolved to that because we have the time to listen to each of the patient’s symptoms and really uncover what is causing his or her ailments. We look at the big picture and rather than just prescribe medications, we look to get patients off the meds and actually change their lifestyles so they no longer need them,” explains Dr. Tate.

“It is so rewarding to provide quality, personable healthcare for less money. I feel like that is what being a doctor is all about and with the complexity of insurance and government, we’ve gotten away from that. I worked for a big clinic once I started practicing medicine and realized the reason people went to urgent care and hospitals is because many times they couldn’t get an appointment with their own doctor,” adds Dr. Tate. Grassroots prides itself on its accessibility. “I’ve actually had patients text me pictures of something that needs stitches, and rather than running to the ER, I just have them meet me at the clinic and I’m able to take care of the problem at a fraction of the cost.”  

Dr. Tate, a graduate of the University of Oklahoma Medical School, has five children of her own, so she understands the importance of being able to get well quickly. “We keep our schedule open to work in sick patients and because that time is allotted for, no patient is made to feel like they are being rushed.”  Board Certified in both internal medicine and pediatrics, Dr. Tate also has several years of urgent care experience. Dr. Tate is assisted by Nurse Practitioner Kyndol Ray and Assistant Aimee Catcher. “Our favorite thing about Grassroots,” Dr. Tate adds, “is that we treat our patients as family.”
The clinic, located at 91st and Sheridan, is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. and closed each day from 11:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. for lunch. Grassroots Healthcare is a practical option for anyone needing quality healthcare at an affordable price.

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