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The Gardners have made it their mission to see healing in their patients through neurofeedback.

Renu Your Brain, Renu Your Life!

Neurofeedback is a non-invasive, drug-free form of brain wave biofeedback based on self-operant conditioning and considered to be one of the most advanced drug-free therapies of this technological generation. It successfully treats depression, anxiety, ADD/ADHD, learning difficulties, insomnia, memory deficits, as well as helps students, athletes, dancers, choreographers, politicians, CEO’s with peak performance by achieving optimal use of mental resources and can actually increase IQ. Over 12 years ago, visionaries, Barry Gardner, DC, BCN, and Cyndie Gardner, pioneered the way for neurofeedback therapy, in the state of Oklahoma, by establishing RenuYou Neurofeedback Brain Fitness Center. Learn more at Read more »

Gardening 101

The weather is turning warm, and the desire to work in the open air is on the minds of outdoor enthusiasts. For those who enjoy the reward of reaping a bounty at the end of their labor, it’s the time of year to get started working the soil. Whether a master gardener or a greenhorn who would like to give vegetable gardening a first try, there are some important steps to follow and trial and error is usually the best teacher. Learn about when and where to plant, how to plan, troubleshooting, and special tips to maximize your gardening potential at Read more »

With Mother Nature in Charge, Receive the Best Pest Control Service in Oklahoma

With warmer weather in our future comes not only sunshine, but unwanted household pests. For 40 years, Mother Nature has helped protect homes and yards from termites and bedbugs, as well as gophers and moles, mosquitoes, roaches, ants, spiders, mice, rats, and grub and armyworms. They also offer a lawn fertilization service, which includes weed treatment and lawn aeration. Attic insulation (which is pre-treated with boric acid to discourage pests in your attic) is yet another service they provide. Learn more about the services they provide at Read more »

Midwest Pathogend Services: Leaders in Whole Space Biological Decontamination

Midwest Pathogend Services offers bio-decontamination services for healthcare, commercial, and residential applications. Specializing in public and private schools, businesses, nursing homes, and residences, Midwest Pathgend Services are area leaders in whole space biological decontamination. Learn more about their services at Read more »

Coverage You Can Count On

H.O.P.E. stands for Helping Other People Everyday, and that's the motto that Becky Brown from USHEALTH Advisors lives by. Health insurance is a complex world, but Becky and her team specialize in understanding their customer's unique, individual needs and providing custom coverage plans that give them exactly what they need for a price they can afford. Their products include health and wellness, critical illness, specified disease and sickness, accident, short term disability income, income protector, term life insurance, dental and vision plans. Find out more at Read more »

Financial Services

4 Ways to Boost the Profit of Your Tax Refund

Mary Wood with RCB Bank gives you financially fit answers for investing your tax refund. Read more »


World traveler and professional chef, Shannon Smith.

Be Kind

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Mixin' at ah-Sigh-e!

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Free Advertising for Restaurants Coping with COVID-19 Corona Virus Operational Changes

Local restaurants will receive a free advertisement listing in Values direct mail magazine and Read more »

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