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Some of Santa’s elves who have been helping to coordinate Christmas cheer and activities this year in Claremore include Nancy Phelps and Layla Freeman, Light of Hope (from left), Tanya Andrews, Visit Claremore and Lisa Wilson, executive assistant, City of Claremore.

Christmas Shines in Claremore There is something very special about the Christmas spirit in 2021.

Christmastime comes early and stays late this year in the city of Claremore. Let your heart warm to the Christmas spirit and veritable host of fun meaningful activities for every member of the family. Behind the scenes, Santa’s elves – notably Tanya Andrews with Visit Claremore, Layla Freeman and Nancy Phelps with Light of Hope, and an army of staff and volunteers have been making their lists and checking them twice to ensure months of fun, safe Christmas activities for the Claremore community and its holiday guests. Read more »

Fire Prevention and Safety Wood and gas fireplaces need professional attention this time of year.

Get ready for cooler temperatures and a cozy home by first getting your chimney and dryer vent cleaned. Debris like birds’ nests and leaves, and creosote could be lingering as potential fire hazards in your chimney. As for your dryer vent, lint doesn’t just accumulate in your lint trap; it can also build up in your dryer vents. As most of us know, this lint is extremely flammable; it is the build-up of this lint that can lead to dryer fires. Read more »

Shop Honey Baked Hams Tulsa for the Best Holiday Meal America’s #1 holiday feast can be conveniently ordered online for storefront pick-up!

As you start to make plans for the holiday meals, remember to shop Honey Baked Ham at 61st and Memorial in Tulsa for ham, turkey, and a wide assortment of side dishes along with dessert. Shopping has never been easier! Read more »

Health Coverage Know-How “I put the needs of my clients first.” - Becky Brown

Becky Brown is a Field Sales Leader for USHEALTH Advisors. She specializes in innovative life and health coverage solutions for self-employed individuals, families, small business owners and their employees. “The health coverage plans we offer are quite unique. Instead of presenting our clients with a selection of hard and fast plans and asking them to select the one which best fits their needs,” says Becky, “we ask our customers to tell us what they feel they need. We then make recommendations and write a plan which addresses their concerns. Read more »

Hope Harbor: Changing the World Through Changing the Lives of Families

By definition, a harbor is a place where vessels may go to find shelter from the rough waters. Nestled in rural northern Claremore, Hope Harbor serves just such a purpose, helping families to find shelter from the sometimes rough waters of life, to heal, and to move forward from trauma or other difficulties. Read more »

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Dazzling Lighted Holiday Displays for 2021 Two drive-thru Events in Muskogee

Castle Christmas at The Castle of Muskogee and The Garden of Lights at Honor Heights Park Open Thanksgiving Day through New Year’s Eve, 5:30 p.m. - 10 p.m. Read more »

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