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Above: Top row-Kimberly Amillion, Front Associate , Heather Skinner, RN injector, Amber Deal, Esthetician,  Kamree McCune, Spa Attendant, Becky McCune, CEO. Bottom row-Jenny Golliver, RN injector, Judi Burton, Spa Attendant, Alex Hardwick, Esthetician, Terri McAuliff, Technician Specialist.

Merry Summer Savings Celebration

Now, more than ever, we all need something to celebrate! At BA Med Spa, it’s the 10th annual Christmas in July! Read more »

Dish It Out

"I can’t believe we’ve already made it through half of 2020! Read more »

Oklahoma's Mysterious Mansions

When viewing homes today, individuals can drive through subdivisions and see houses showcasing a cookie-cutter look. They all seem to have similar designs displaying brick, stone and wood or some with the newer white farmhouse style, and most so much alike a resident could get lost in their own neighborhood. There are some houses, however, that pepper the state that are a standout and worth an extensive tour or at least a drive-by. Read more »

Grocery Giveaway to Those in Need

With so many struggling on a fixed income and suffering from the economic effects of the pandemic, a local youth group is trying to touch lives in a positive way and make a difference. The youth group, pastored by Fabio Apolinario at Abiding Harvest Church, takes a proactive approach to put action rather than just words to their beliefs. Instead of being a group of young people that simply socialize, they focus on reaching out to others. Read more »

Oklahoma Performing ARTs Holds Allenato Auditions

From June 22 through July 23, OPA is conducting placement into Allenato (an all-youth performing ARTs company) for ages 5 to 19. These young artists train in Music, Acting and Dance in a concert/performance format, with an emphasis on community service, leadership, and mentoring skills. Register at Read more »

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