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Austin Gullic, owner Premium Cabinets of Tulsa.

Right Cabinets at the Right Price Premium Cabinets of Tulsa counsels clients using style, flow and ergonomics as core principles in cabinetry design.

Recent events have given cause for more time in our sanctuaries, and for some, an interest in improving their spaces. Cabinetry is one of the most valuable improvements that can be strategically designed in a home, for functionality and style. Premium Cabinets of Tulsa has built a strong reputation for providing their customers with the highest quality in semi-custom cabinetry while maintaining affordability. They specialize in new, superior class replacement cabinetry for kitchens and bathrooms, and work with their clients on design for optimal functionality and inspired aesthetics. Read more »

Custom Cakes and Sweets for All Occasions

Who doesn’t dream of making a living doing what they love? Read more »

What Does Our Tulsa County Assessor's Office Do?

The mere idea of property taxes might seem burdensome and confusing, but gaining an understanding of the fundamentals pertaining to the subject can be advantageous to every homeowner. Your Tulsa County Assessor, John A. Wright, believes that all citizens benefit by understanding the function, responsibility, and performance of the County Assessor’s Office, and how they work for you. A comprehensive website enables users with valuable tools that every homeowner can utilize and benefit from. Read more to discover how your County Assessor is working for you. Read more »

Have a Greener Lawn with Fertilization and Weed Control

Fertilization and weed control are both crucial to maintaining a healthy, green lawn. Anyone who has taken the DIY approach to lawn care is familiar with trial and error in the yard. Too much fertilizer – or the wrong mixture – means the grass will burn up and die, effecting the exact opposite of the intended result. Sooner Lawn will determine the proper right mix of fertilizer to ensure grass thrives with minimal effort on the owner’s part. “It is important to water following fertilization,” says Tim Nguen, owner. With proper fertilization and watering cycles, owners will see positive results. Within weeks, thick, healthy grass will be growing. Read more »

Cooking with Cannabis at Pharmer's Market Introducing Med Pharm’s unique café featuring freshly prepared drinks, snacks, goodies, and cooking classes.

It's a very rare thing for a business to be built on the principles of kindness, but the very foundation of MedPharm was firmly created as a way to help people through the use of medicinal marijuana and as a means of supporting animal rescue and other local charities. It is their mission to share compassion through cannabis. Read more »

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