Indian Women’s Pocahontas Club Announce the Officers for 2021

By: Debra West | Category: In Our Communities | Issue: February 2021

(L to R) Jennifer Brunn, President; Celeste Tillery, Vice President.

(L to R) Jennifer Brunn, President; Celeste Tillery, Vice President.

Introducing the Officers for 2021, President  Jennifer Brunn, Vice-President Celeste Tillery, Secretary Jennifer Weber and Treasurer Alice Meledeo.

We are continuing to plan and prepare for the upcoming year. Thank you to Cherokee Nation Businesses, the Oklahoma Arts Council and to the many individuals who support, encourage and help us achieve our scholarship goals and bring cultural awareness to our community.

For more information contact Jennifer Brunn at eat1@eau1eav1eaw1 or Indian Women’s Pocahontas Club, P.O. Box 3252, Claremore, OK  74018 or visit our website

About the Indian Women’s Pocahontas Club

(L to R) Alice Meledeo, Treasurer; Jennifer Weber, Secretary.

(L to R) Alice Meledeo, Treasurer; Jennifer Weber, Secretary.

“Speak kind words and you will hear kind echoes.”

“We are the Indian Women’s Pocahontas Club. We love our nations stories and the histories of our clans. Whether they be sung or spoken, we treasure our tribal legends, the meeting of our group and all our Indian tokens. The pride of our race we will forever cherish, that its history and legends will not perish.

For ancient pride of race, this torch we pass to those who come our place to take.”

The Pocahontas Club has come a long way since its inception in 1899. Little did those fine Cherokee leaders in one of the oldest communities of the Indian Territory think they were organizing what is perhaps the oldest club of the state. But the ideals of study and service of that small group of intelligent and cultured girls from the Female Seminary have endured. 

​The neighborly work of the Pocahontas members continues in the club’s objectives of Indian welfare and education. Today the club work is done by a group of dedicated women who put little emphasis on the social aspect. 

​Those first Pocahontas members would be pleased and proud  knowing that their club, organized for fun, is serving and preserving the past for the future.    

 “We are the caretakers of our culture, our heritage and our communities.”

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Indian Women's Pocahontas Club

For more information, contact:

Indian Women's Pocahontas Club

(918) 760-0813
P.O. Box 3252 | Claremore, OK

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