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Have Yourself a Merry Little Tea-Off

By: Teresa Bond-Mason | Category: Recreation/Leisure | Issue: November 2018

The Main Street Merchant Association in Broken Arrow will be hosting its 25th Annual “Tea Off” on the streets of the city’s historic Rose District Thursday, November 15, from 6-9 p.m.

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Innergistic Offers Reiki For Stress Relief, Relaxation & To Promote Healing

By: Teresa Bond-Mason | Category: Health & Fitness | Issue: October 2018

Innergistic offers many holistic approaches to connection of body and mind, including but not limited to, Reiki, Shamanic methods, intuitive development, Intuitive card readings, animal communication, meditation and yoga.

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Supporting Neighbors Through Wine, Eats & Easels

By: Teresa Bond-Mason | Category: Recreation/Leisure | Issue: October 2018

Slated for Friday, Oct. 12 from 6:00-9:00 pm, the 15th anniversary of this event promises to be the best one yet! What is it exactly? Besides great wine, beer and food, there will be live music from Grady Nichols as well as local artists. The setting for the event is the Rose District Pavilion, located on Main Street in Broken Arrow. And, the most important part . . . all proceeds benefit Broken Arrow Neighbors, a non-profit organization that provides basic needs assistance with dignity and compassion to neighbors in need. Some of the services provided by Broken Arrow Neighbors include medical, dental and legal clinics, a client choice food pantry, limited financial assistance, school supplies, outreach services and various holiday programs.

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How To Be a Wine Expert in 60 Minutes

By: Teresa Bond-Mason | Category: Special Interest | Issue: October 2018

Though Christopher and Diane Riley are new owners, the store itself has been around for more than 50 years. Both Christopher and Diane are committed to not only keeping the same level of expertise and customer service, but they intend to make the store a destination for all things wine and specialty liquors.

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Winterize and Permanently Preserve Your Decks and Patios

By: Teresa Bond-Mason | Category: Home Improvement | Issue: September 2018

The extremes of harsher weather conditions in winter and summer are the greatest enemies of wood and concrete. In the winter, wet and cloudy days exponentially increase deterioration of wood causing fungus and rot; as does the annual freeze-thaw cycle that breaks down concrete. Using PermaSeal USA offers you a defense system to prevent wood deterioration and absorbs into concrete to penetrate microscopic cracks, crevasses and pores to prevent checking and pitting.

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Oklahoma's Rose

By: Teresa Bond-Mason | Category: In Our Communities | Issue: August 2018

Broken Arrow Mayor Craig Thurmond recently accepted the 2018 Livability Award at the 86th U.S. Conference of Mayors honoring Broken Arrow’s Rose District. The award, which recognizes mayoral leadership in developing and implementing programs that improve the quality of life in America’s cities, was a tough competition between more than 150 other cities.

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Devices for Most Every Concern

By: Teresa Bond-Mason | Category: Retail | Issue: August 2018

Technology has advanced so much, that it’s become much easier to protect not only our belongings, but the people in our lives who matter. Larry Ferguson, owner of The Spy Shop, started out as a private investigator, a security consultant and police officer. “It just evolved into this business because I enjoy helping people solve their safety and security problems.”

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Simple Luxury

By: Teresa Bond-Mason | Category: Home Improvement | Issue: July 2018

Simplicity may not be the first word that comes to mind when you start thinking about a kitchen remodel. But, after you have USA Granite and Cabinetry out to do the job, that’s one of the first things you’ll think of. Just ask customers Frank and Belinda Rehbein. They recently remodeled their kitchen and couldn’t be more pleased.

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Let the Hat Lady Find Your Dream Home

By: Teresa Bond-Mason | Category: Real Estate | Issue: June 2018

For someone who has been an entrepreneur most of her adult life, becoming a realtor wasn’t that far of a stretch. “I’ve always been a barterer,” says Dawn Seing “So real estate seemed like a very natural progression.”

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Protecting What You Love Most

By: Teresa Bond-Mason | Category: Home Improvement | Issue: May 2018

At DLSS, they take the challenge of safeguarding homes and businesses to heart. In business since 1997, DLSS prides itself on building relationships with its customers. Kevin Dyson, who owns and operates the company stresses, “We care about our customers and they are much more than just a name on a sheet of paper to us. We make ourselves available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.”

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An Easy Solution for Acne

By: Teresa Bond-Mason | Category: Health & Beauty | Issue: May 2018

Acne is a condition that effects Many people, both young and old. Reveal Salon has a customized solution, tailored to your needs.

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The Fountain of Youth

By: Teresa Bond-Mason | Category: Health & Beauty | Issue: May 2018

“At BA Med Spa our mission is to improve the lives of the patients we serve,” says Melody Hawkins, Practice Manager of BA Med Spa. “We want to make our clients feel comfortable and come up with a custom plan to make them the best version of themselves.” That is one of the reasons BA Med Spa offers a stress-free consultation.

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Protect Your Deck

By: Teresa Bond-Mason | Category: Home Improvement | Issue: March 2018

What exactly is PermaSeal? It’s much more than a protective topcoat.

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Turning a Stumbling Block Into a Stepping Stone

By: Teresa Bond-Mason | Category: Education | Issue: February 2018

Though her business has received many accolades by former clients, Dr. Pitkin says the best reward she’s ever received is knowing a child’s life has been changed for the better.

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2018 Operation Art Gala

By: Teresa Bond-Mason | Category: Education | Issue: February 2018

Watching kids flourish and teaching them to see the positive though the negative are just a couple of the things Jeni says are the rewards of Operation Aware. “There are so many triggers for youth today. They get so many mixed messages. I’m proud to be part of an organization that talks to them about their goals and dreams. Every kids needs someone to tell them they can do good.”

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Helping Tulsa Youth for More than 40 Years

By: Teresa Bond-Mason | Category: Special Interest | Issue: February 2018

Youth At Heart is a non-profit agency that helps kids who are either left alone or unsupervised after school. It combines sports and education enrichment to assist youth living in Tulsa’s socio-economically challenged neighborhoods. Programs consist of tutoring, character training, youth mentoring, health and fitness training, sports leagues, career exploration, community service and summer camp.

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Distinctive Decor With an Edge

By: Teresa Bond-Mason | Category: Gifts & Decor | Issue: January 2018

The company’s name is just as distinctive as the products. “I spent a lot of time with my great grandmothers, Francis and Nezzie. Both women were so inspirational. And, they both loved gardenias,” says Kayla, adding that “this is my homage to their legacy and hopefully create one of my own.”

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Bring Your Guests Out to the Ranch

By: Teresa Bond-Mason | Category: Professional Services | Issue: January 2018

Although she states she’d rather be in the background planning your next event, you can’t help but feel Debbie's enthusiasm for whatever it’s going to take to make your dreams come true.

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Healthcare Without the Hassle

By: Teresa Bond-Mason | Category: Health & Fitness | Issue: January 2018

Dr. Melita Tate, a graduate of the University of Oklahoma Medical School, has five children of her own, so she understands the importance of being able to get well quickly. “We keep our schedule open to work in sick patients and because that time is allotted for, no patient is made to feel like they are being rushed.”

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A New Year, A New You in 2018

By: Teresa Bond-Mason | Category: Health & Beauty | Issue: January 2018

“If it’s been a while since you visited us, you should come by and see our new space. We are constantly evolving by offering the latest in technological and medical techniques and our new space will be twice as big to help focus on the needs of the customers.”

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Fresh Fruit Fanatics

By: Teresa Bond-Mason | Category: Gifts & Decor | Issue: December 2017

Need a last minute gift? The Tulsa Edible Arrangements locations have ready-made fruit arrangements for those “oops, I forgot” moments, as well as chocolate-dipped fruit and fresh fruit salads. And, not to be left out, Owasso serves fresh-fruit smoothies.

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Bold Southwest Flavors

By: Teresa Bond-Mason | Category: Restaurants | Issue: December 2017

Santa Fe Cattle Co. in Broken Arrow is celebrating its 10-year anniversary of serving the freshest hand-cut steaks, not to mention great tasting barbecue and loads of other Southwest favorites, including fajitas, enchiladas and tacos.

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Ho Ho Holiday Gift Baskets at Swan Dairy

By: Teresa Bond-Mason | Category: Rogers County | Issue: December 2017

Swan Dairy Farms is a fourth generation dairy farm that has been in operation since 1923 and it’s only one of two dairy farms in Oklahoma that sells Grade A raw milk and Grade A raw milk products, such as cheese, cheese curds and even Amelia’s Creamery yogurt made from Swan’s cream. Many are unaware of the health benefits associated with unpasteurized dairy products.

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Fun, Fabulous & Unique Gifts

By: Teresa Bond-Mason | Category: Gifts & Decor | Issue: November 2017

The moment you walk into the store all of your senses come alive with smells and images of holiday whimsy. But, maintaining exquisite customer service is the primary focus. “We want to accommodate each customer with whatever they may need, whether it be a special order, finding the perfect gift or providing that something extra with our always-free gift wrap.” Allison goes on to say, “Everyone loves to give and get pretty gifts and we’re here to make that happen.”

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Offering Comfort During Your Time of Need

By: Teresa Bond-Mason | Category: Professional Services | Issue: November 2017

Reynolds & Sons and AdamsCrest Funeral Service is unique in the fact that they are with the customer from start to finish and as Charles explains, that means round-the-clock service. “If we get a call that someone has passed away, we are the ones who go to the hospital and take the loved one to the funeral home to prepare them for embalming, cremation or whatever their family has chosen for them. We don’t use a service. That alone gives families a lot of peace.”

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