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Do New Year’s Resolutions Really Work?

Writing a list of New Year's Resolutions is a popular way to reflect on your lifestyle and make adjustments, but is accomplishing these goals easier said than done? Fighting the urge to give up can be a big challenge and dealing with the guilt of falling short can be devastating. Is it worth it to make New Year's Resolutions, and if so, what's the best strategy to stick with them? Read more »

It’s all about YOU!

BA Med Spa’s mission has always been to improve the lives of the patients they serve, and in 2020, they will roll out even more ways to ensure their clients look and feel their absolute best! Big changes are coming in the greatest possible way! Read more »

Are You Ready to Cut the Cord?

Since the introduction of video streaming services in the late 2000s, traditional cable has decreased in popularity, primarily due to its high price. A one-time purchase of an HD antenna can provide around 70-100 local channels at no additional cost, and viewers with internet access and a smart device can personalize their streaming subscription services around the content of their choice for around $8 a month per service. With so many cable-alternatives available, it's important to understand what options are available, how much they cost and the pros and cons of each one. Read the article at Read more »

Getting in Step with Custom Orthotics

Every patient is unique and individualized specialty care is the optimal path toward recovery and overall health improvement. At Restoring Body Health and Feet Unlimited, John and his team provide customized care with a mission to help their patients move better, feel better and live better. They specialize in manual osteopathic manipulation, therapeutic diabetic shoes, ankle-foot orthotics, and custom-made orthotics using the latest technology and thorough examination procedures. Learn how their methods heal pain, discomfort and other issues at Read more »

Community Builders Gives More

Improving the energy efficiency of a home can cut energy bills by 40-50%, and Community Builders has up-to-date technology to improve insulation through siding replacement, metal roofs and insulated windows. They also specialize in bathroom updates, including Jacuzzi safety tubs for seniors or anyone who has a hard time getting in and out of a bathtub to lower the risk of injury and make bathtime easier and more enjoyable. They strive to provide quality and value and recently gave back to the community through their Home Makeover Giveaway prize drawing. Find out more at Read more »


The new Tulsa SPCA Facility opens to the public mid-January.

Contemporary Compassion

New Tulsa SPCA Facility Opens January 13 Read more »

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