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Owasso’s Oktoberfest Honors First Responders

Break out your lederhosen and dirndls – its Oktoberfest time! Read more »

How to Prevent Dangerous Home Fires with Black Hat Cleaning Services

Get ready for cooler temperatures and a cozy home by first getting your chimney and dryer vent cleaned. Debris like birds’ nests and leaves, and creosote could be lingering as potential fire hazards in your chimney. As for your dryer vent, lint doesn’t just accumulate in your lint trap; it can also build up in your dryer vents. As most of us know, this lint is extremely flammable; it is the build-up of this lint that can lead to dryer fires. Read more »

Okla-Haunted! Four of Oklahoma’s Most Haunted Places You Can Visit

Our great state has an extraordinary history, with many a tale to be told about the characters of bygone days. Oklahoma is such a great place to live that some have refused to leave! Read more »

The Word on Warranties

Car trouble can really mess up a person's day, and even more so a budget, when a plan is not in place for such mishaps. Most people are caught off guard when things go wrong with their vehicle, which makes having a warranty a really nice advantage. It helps to understand how a warranty can serve you when you need it the most. The experts at Suburban Chevrolet have the answers to help ensure you are prepared for whatever your car needs. Read more »

Breast Cancer Awareness: Helpful Information and Resources

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and the campaign was created to educate women about the need for early detection. One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. Most of those women will never uncover what caused the cancer, only the certainty that the cell’s DNA was damaged. Read more »

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