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By: Macy Goodnight | Category: Home Improvement | Issue: March 2020

Owner, Kalan Paul.

Owner, Kalan Paul.

In any industry, having a specialized niche in a particular market may seem like it would give a business an edge. For LCI, this is an absolute truth, as they proudly proclaim, “We do driveways!”

Since 2005, the business philosophy at LCI has focused on extraordinary customer satisfaction, quality workmanship with the highest quality materials, and rapid project completion while maintaining the greatest standard. Owner, Kalan Paul, comes from a background of custom luxury home development and believes this experience is a great resource for his clients. “I’ve been through the entire design process with customers, and designed and built million dollar or more homes throughout midtown Tulsa and the surrounding area,” he said. “I’m very familiar with the design process.”

For clients of LCI, a project begins with a meeting at the customer’s home to analyze their needs and wishes for driveway replacement or repair. “The customer can walk me through what they want to accomplish, and I can advise on time frames, ideas, and potential for them to be aware of before we get started,” said Kalan. “Once I meet with them, I will get all the necessary measurements and go back to my office to compile the estimate, and we can a project going very quickly.” Nearly 30%-40% of their projects are alterations beyond just repair, to expand, or add special features to the existing driveway, such as a sidewalk or porch repair or replacement. Kalan is always happy to offer his design expertise to ensure his customer’s complete satisfaction. “I’m a big fan of doing radius concrete as an option other than doing a 90˚ when there is a transition from driveway to sidewalk,” he said. Aesthetics are always taken into consideration in the design. LCI does require a 600 sq. ft. minimum for each project, so any sidewalk or porch addition would need to be included with the driveway work.

As initial meetings take place at the customer’s home, Kalan assures his potential clients of his honesty, integrity, and proficiency with over 100 job references listed on their website that customers can visit to see his work, and possibly speak with previous customers for review. “They are welcome to go by and look at them,” said Kalan. “Maybe even ask the owners if they are happy with the work.”

Many call LCI when they feel their driveway has become unsightly, with stains or other blemishes. Most people will know they need to call LCI when they begin seeing cracks or chips. When cracks or peeling of the top layer begin, it will only get worse from there. If cracks begin to gape or the sides become uneven on the surface, this could be a sign of structural issues beneath the driveway that need to be addressed. “It’s not going to get better,” said Kalan.

“The main reason the concrete raises and lowers structurally is a lack of infrastructure,” he continued. “Hairline cracks are normal, but I highly recommend incorporating a metal infrastructure inside the concrete for durability.” Rebar is the standard for stability, as it helps to keep the concrete together despite small cracks. It also will not pull apart, or allow raising and lowering on the sides of cracks.

It is also recommended to dowel into existing concrete, such as a garage floor. This process entails drilling holes into the standing concrete and inserting rebar into the holes that run will through the newly poured concrete. This provides further stabilization and durability in the new driveway.

Kalan and his team at LCI are the authority when it comes to driveway repair or replacement. Call them today for an analysis of your concrete, from the curb to your front door. For more information, or to see their project gallery, visit their website at www.lcitulsa.com or call (918) 960-1440 to make an appointment.

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