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By: Macy Goodnight | Category: Home Improvement | Issue: March 2020

Owner, John Sipes.

Owner, John Sipes.

Simply put, Drytect does it all. For residential or commercial needs, they can provide the highest quality service for roofing, fencing, restoration, dumpster rental, concrete and much more!

With over 35 years of personal experience, owner John Sipes has built his business with honesty and integrity and is a trusted name in the industry. With roots in roofing, Drytect has expanded its range of services to ensure that the needs of their customers can be completed with one simple phone call. “There’s really nothing we can’t do,” said John. “We are a one-stop-shop for most anything for home or business for maintenance and repairs.” One of their specialties is fencing, including custom gate installation, fencing maintenance and repair, as well as installation. “We can do any kind of gate you can imagine,” said John. “We’ve even done prisons with razor wire.” Additionally, they offer the most competitive, unbeatable prices in the business. They offer many options, such as chain link, barb wire and wood privacy fencing.

John comes from a long line of entrepreneurs. His family owned Sipes’ Grocery in Tulsa. Many will remember the local boutique grocery store chain as a historical icon in the area, starting in 1910. Early in his career, John earned his real estate license. “I think having my real estate license gives me a lot of insight in many ways in this business,” said John. “Especially when it comes to knowing about resale requirements.” With a keen interest in the construction side of the industry, he started his commercially certified roofing company in 2005. In 2015, trusted for their quality and expertise, Drytect was hired to repair and replace portions of the historic Philtower high-rise building in downtown Tulsa. This highly recognized project was an honor for them and is one of multiple other large-scale downtown roofing jobs they have been entrusted with.

Using the latest and greatest in technology, Drytect utilizes tools such as infrared scanners, sensors, and drones to ensure the best analysis of roof damage for repair. The scanners and sensors can visually penetrate deep into the roof’s surface to assist in locating leaks or damage. “We have incorporated the best in technology to separate ourselves from others, and give more to our customers,” John said. “There are many roofing companies that I have to go behind and fix their work.” The company can also provide guttering services.

Examples of residential and commercial roofing jobs by Drytect.

Examples of residential and commercial roofing jobs by Drytect.

John prides himself on keeping up to date on new technology and is diligent in obtaining a higher standard of excellence by way of progressing in training and education for himself and his staff. “I’m always taking classes and learning new things,” said John. “I make sure we are all up to date on certifications.” He retains multiple accreditations, including for restoration certification. “I want people to be happy with our work and be comfortable; it’s going to be done right.”

Recently, Drytect began renting dumpsters, to save their customers money on projects, and to provide even more convenience in their list of services. They can also do concrete work for sidewalks, driveways, pavers and stem walls. Concrete projects could be dyed or stamped, and they can also provide any concrete sawing, as well as curb construction and core drilling.

“You can call for almost anything that needs to be done around the home,” he said. “We aren’t selling anything; we are just trying to create peace of mind.” For more information on all services provided by Drytect for fencing, call them at (918) 401-1000 or visit their website at www.drytectfence.com and for roofing and more at www.drytect.net.

Drytect utilizes the latest technology, including infrared scanners and sensors, to detect damage or leaks at a deeper level.

Drytect utilizes the latest technology, including infrared scanners and sensors, to detect damage or leaks at a deeper level.

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