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Underutilized New Year's Resolutions

By: Kathy Smith | Category: Recreation/Leisure | Issue: January 2022

There are certain universal aspirations we’re all hoping to attain in our lifetime. We all want happiness, success, love and prosperity. Most of us believe that if we could just do things a little better, improve ourselves a little more, we would become a better person capable of achieving our dreams.

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Why is Storytelling Important for Your Business?

By: Value News | Category: Professional Services | Issue: September 2021

Let us give you the guidance in creating your engaging company story. Helping you quickly and succinctly build your company’s story is what we do.

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2021 Fireworks Shows & Events A Guide to the Greatest Fireworks Shows and Celebrations in NE Oklahoma!

By: Macy Goodnight | Category: In Our Communities | Issue: June 2021

Coming this summer, skies across Green Country will be aglow with Fourth of July fireworks displays of all sizes, and some will have extra festivities to enjoy! This year’s celebrations are sure to be epic, so now is the time to plan which events you will experience with family and friends.

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Photography Basics

By: Chris Putman | Category: Photography | Issue: June 2021

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. If that is true that picture better be a doozie, and quality photography doesn’t usually come without some seasoned skill. Most rookie shutterbugs fall in love with their own pictures and brag how they captured the most stunning expression on their subject’s face, but they are blind to the fact there is a flagpole in the background that looks like it is protruding out of their subject’s head. Many novices think they have captured the best landscape photo with brilliantly colored field flowers with snowcapped mountains framing the shot, but they didn’t notice that there is an overflowing trash can in the foreground that could have easily been framed out if they had just slowed down and did a check of each element within the frame.

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