Top 10 Flowers That Thrive in NE Oklahoma Summer Heat

By: Haylie Smart | Category: Lawn & Garden | Issue: March 2024

Zinnias are a top-performer.

Zinnias are a top-performer.

It’s hard to imagine that any flowering plant could survive the hellish heat of Oklahoma summers, but miraculously, there are. Here are ten plants that not only have staying power, but even thrive in our state.


This plant loves well-drained, fertile soil and will thrive in both sunshine and shade. Some varieties, such as Cherry Cream and Passalong Pink, are mildew and disease resistant.


Plant these in October to enjoy all summer long, but be careful–they don’t like overcrowding. They prefer morning sun, but can handle afternoon sun. They do not like shade.


There are many varieties of this flower, but the most colorful is Cheyenne Spirit. The easiest to grow though is PowWow Wild Berry. Coneflowers are great for attracting pollinators.


Once established, they are sun tolerant if kept watered. They pair well with native prairie plants.


One of the hardiest flowers, it’s known to be drought tolerant and can handle the heat.


Low-maintenance, cosmos are so easy to grow that they can seed themselves. They enjoy full sun the most, but will also grow in partial shade.


Though this flower is drought tolerant, it thrives best in the shade. This is a great option for a garden that doesn’t get a lot of sun.


Mostly known as a wildflower, it can be grown in a garden with little maintenance. Deer resistant and drought tolerant, they prefer partial to full sun and can grow up to eight feet.


Super adaptable, this flower prefers full sun, but can grow in the shade too. They are drought tolerant and will attract butterflies.


This plant spreads rapidly, so it’s great for covering ground. It can handle a lot of heat and is drought tolerant.

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