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A Lasting Investment

By: Frank and Maven | Category: Home Improvement | Issue: September 2019

Deck staining and power washing may look good temporarily, but they always leave you with future hassle and expense. This is because staining and power washing only address the surface level appearance of wood and concrete, leaving them open to moisture. PermaSeal’s proprietary solution penetrates deep into the pores of wood and concrete and creates a molecular bond that permanently prevents water rotting. With this sealant in place, you will not have to worry about sealing your deck, dock, or driveway again, 25 years guaranteed! Learn more in the September 2019 edition of VALUES News Magazine and at

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Winterize and Permanently Preserve Your Decks and Patios

By: Teresa Bond-Mason | Category: Home Improvement | Issue: September 2018

The extremes of harsher weather conditions in winter and summer are the greatest enemies of wood and concrete. In the winter, wet and cloudy days exponentially increase deterioration of wood causing fungus and rot; as does the annual freeze-thaw cycle that breaks down concrete. Using PermaSeal USA offers you a defense system to prevent wood deterioration and absorbs into concrete to penetrate microscopic cracks, crevasses and pores to prevent checking and pitting.

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Protect Your Deck

By: Teresa Bond-Mason | Category: Home Improvement | Issue: March 2018

What exactly is PermaSeal? It’s much more than a protective topcoat.

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Protection That Lasts

By: Amy Beth Dobbins | Category: Home Improvement | Issue: September 2017

So how is PermaSeal different from other products? Instead of simply applying a top coat to concrete or wood, it uses a silicone and acid permeant which pushes any and all moisture out of the core of the concrete or wood before sealing it from within.

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