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Are Dental Assistants in High Demand?

By: Mary Bransford | Category: Education | Issue: February 2020

A career as a dental assistant is much more than just setting up a tray. Dental Careers of Tulsa teaches students about all areas of dentistry, including X-ray training, infection control, anatomy, instruments and equipment of dentistry, oral surgery and office management while gaining experience interacting with doctors and staff during the course, as well as build new connections and an understanding of what will be expected in the field. Learn more about the opportunity Dental Careers of Tulsa has to offer at

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It’s Time For A Change

By: Value News | Category: Education | Issue: September 2018

If you are thinking about a career change but are not sure what you’d like to do, Dental Careers of Tulsa is here to help you find your path to success. They have been training dental professionals for nearly two decades and they will help you obtain the skills you need to become a dental assistant.

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It's Time for A Change

By: Values Editor | Category: Education | Issue: January 2018

Dental Assisting is a solid and fulfilling career choice. As a dental assistant, you will learn to help care for patients and educate them about their oral health. The curriculum is experience-based, so you won’t be struggling to learn about procedures solely from a book. You’ll dive right in, observing and able to ask questions as they come up. The hands-on atmosphere gives you an edge when it comes to recalling the material, so you’ll be learning faster and retaining more than you might be while attending programs that are rooted in traditional lectures and textbook study.

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All in the Family

By: Erica Ludwig | Category: Health & Fitness | Issue: January 2017

The office of Carletti Family and Cosmetic Dentistry has been in operation in the city of Sapulpa for over 50 years. A native of Oklahoma, the late Dr. John Carletti, D.D.S., made a huge commitment to service when he moved to the city to grow his dental practice.

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Streamlined for Success

By: Kristi Roe-Owen | Category: Education | Issue: September 2016

Dental Careers of Tulsa specializes in practical, short-term and affordable dental assistant training with real-world application.The privately-owned program is licensed by the Oklahoma Board of Private Vocational Schools and has been training dental assistants in a fast-track environment since 1998.

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Enter the Workforce with a Confident Smile

By: Duane Blankenship | Category: Education | Issue: January 2016

In response to a shortage of trained dental assistants in Northeast Oklahoma, the late Dr. John Carletti, Carletti Dentistry & Associates, made a huge commitment to service and education with the establishment of Dental Careers of Tulsa, an education and training program that prepares participants to make a decision that could change their lives – that of entering the dental profession as a dental assistant. Dental Careers of Tulsa was established in 1998, and Dr. Carletti’s legacy continues today through his son, J. Andrew Carletti, DDS, and daughter, Cathy Carletti-DuPriest.

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