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Grocery Giveaway to Those in Need

By: Chris Putman | Category: In Our Communities | Issue: July 2020

With so many struggling on a fixed income and suffering from the economic effects of the pandemic, a local youth group is trying to touch lives in a positive way and make a difference. The youth group, pastored by Fabio Apolinario at Abiding Harvest Church, takes a proactive approach to put action rather than just words to their beliefs. Instead of being a group of young people that simply socialize, they focus on reaching out to others.

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Churches Moving Online

By: Chris Putman | Category: In Our Communities | Issue: April 2020

n the midst of schools, churches, and every organization that can move online has, one Broken Arrow-based organization wants to continue to keep a close connection with its people. While many churches have moved their services online, one pastor wants a more intimate setting than a typical sermon in the pulpit. Pastor Chris Buskirk of Abiding Harvest Church is staying in touch with his people through online technology. Instead of transmitting a live stream message from the pulpit in an otherwise empty building, he instead is going to broadcast his Sunday morning message from the church library in a fireside chat format. Learn more at

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