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Truly Homegrown

Create A Beautiful Lush Garden with Thriving Plants

By: Lorrie Ward | Category: Lawn & Garden | Issue: May 2018

Carissa Slayton, Michelle and Matt Jones have an enormous array of flowers, baskets, trees, shrubs and vegetable plants ready for your garden.
Not pictured Brad Sartin.

Carissa Slayton, Michelle and Matt Jones have an enormous array of flowers, baskets, trees, shrubs and vegetable plants ready for your garden. Not pictured Brad Sartin.

When In recent years, “organic” has become a word you will find on almost every aisle in the grocery store. As the negative effects of preservatives and artificial colorings and ingredients have come to light, more and more people want to know exactly where their food is coming from before it ever makes its way into the grocery cart. In fact, many consumers are bypassing store bought vegetables altogether in favor of growing their own home produce where they can truly know the origins of the food they are eating.

If you insist on homegrown produce, be sure that it is truly homegrown—visit Stonebridge Garden, Lawn and Landscape Center in Claremore, where one hundred percent of the vegetable plants are grown on the premises. “We know beyond a shadow of a doubt what has been put on our vegetables,” says Michelle Jones, co-owner of Stonebridge. “We won’t buy our vegetable plants from outside sources because we have no way of knowing whether they are truly organic.”

All vegetable plants at Stonebridge are grown from excellent seed grade, are non-GMO, and are completely free of the growth inhibitors, and because the plants are grown from seed at Stonebridge, Michelle points out that “they have good, thick stalks—you never get spindly plants.”

This commitment to truly organic growth extends beyond just vegetable plants at Stonebridge. Most annuals and perennials are grown on site. All roses are grown from bare root plants and Stonebridge carries Proven Winners, which Michelle calls “the Cadillac of Plants.”

Stonebridge Garden, Lawn and Landscape Center and its owners, Matt and Michelle Jones, were born and raised in the Claremore area. The nursery, originally known as Picket’s Nursery, dates back over five decades and became Stonebridge Nursery in 1995. The Joneses bought the nursery in 2004. Since then, the garden center has grown significantly—it has in fact, more than quadrupled in size over the fourteen years since Matt and Michelle bought Stonebridge. They have exchanged old green houses and added even more greenhouses. Stonebridge now hosts a Gift shop, where avid gardeners can find home décor and garden items. Special occasion gift items are also available, as well as fresh cut flowers and plants. Stonebridge Garden, Lawn and Landscape Center live up to the latter part of its name as well. They provide landscaping and lawn maintenance products and services. They carry bulk compost and soil and a wide variety of trees, for which they offer both delivery and planting. 

Even though not everyone who works at Stonebridge is related to Michelle and Matt Jones, they still view their employees as family. Stonebridge Garden, Lawn and Landscape Center is truly a family business with deep roots in the community. As Michelle says, “We don’t just work here—we grow here.”

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Stonebridge Garden Center

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