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The Power of Vitamins with GNC

Natural Nutrition

By: Aarika Copeland | Category: Health & Fitness | Issue: August 2023

Michael Tankersley, Regional Sales Manager

Michael Tankersley, Regional Sales Manager

LEANFORM24: This powerful blend of natural ingredients is designed to support your weight loss journey.

Multi-vitamin: Designed for both men and women, this powerful sidekick to your weight loss system is here to support your overall health.

Beneficial Additives: Tailor your weight loss system to your specific needs and embrace a healthier lifestyle.

As the saying goes, nature knows best. But choosing the best — or even the right — natural remedies for yourself and for your family can quickly become daunting with so many choices and little direction. Draper Family GNC has been meeting the nutritional, dietary, and general wellness needs of our communities since 2003. “We’re a part of the community and we are here to meet their nutritional needs,” said Michael Tankersely, Draper Family GNC regional manager. “But on top of that, we can offer quality assurance. Every product on our shelves with the GNC labeling has been studied by a Pittsburgh based research team.”

A Holistic Approach To Health

The holistic approach offers numerous benefits to your overall well-being, not to mention is generally safer with proven results, and shoppers can make informed choices about their purchases, aided by clearly labeled ingredients found directly on product packaging. But if the long list of natural herbs, vitamins, and minerals seems more confusing than helpful, Draper Family GNC staff are always available to help educate and guide clients to the right products. “We encourage our employees to continue to further educate themselves through reading, researching, and training,” Tankersely said. “We are confident in our staff’s abilities when they are on the floor. But we learn from our customers as much as they learn from us.”

Leanform 24

One of Draper Family GNC’s best selling products is Leanform24. A 45 day cycle of 24 hour weight-loss support, comprised of three working parts: a daytime metabolism booster, a body toner, and a nighttime fat burner. With benefits from apple cider vinegar, probiotics, digestive enzymes, and thyroid support, this system supports more than just weight loss, like heart health, gut health, and hair, skin, and nails. “Leanform24 is cost efficient and breaks down to three dollars a day. Most of our customers are able to meet their golas within those 45 days,” said Tankersely. He went on to add, “To get the results you want you are going to have to put in the effort. If you’re serious, with proper exercise and nutrition, it’s proven to work.”

Beneficial additives to Leanform24 such as a meal replacement shake, multivitamins, and a greens product can be found on neighboring shelves. And with Draper Family GNC honoring its price matching policy in addition to everyday low pricing, Draper Family GNC has established their business as a reliable and customer-focused brand. “We’re here to help, but if you ever have serious concerns always consult your doctor before taking any supplement,” Tankersely said on customer health safety.

Whether you are looking to maintain weight, lose weight, gain weight, or just improve your overall general health, Draper Family GNC is here to help you meet your daily goals and needs.

A quick online search will direct you to your nearest locally-owned Draper Family GNC. Don’t forget to follow them on FB or on Instagram @draperfamilygnc for up to date information.

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The Power of Vitamins with GNC

LEANFORM24: This powerful blend of natural ingredients is designed to support your weight loss journey. ... Read more »

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