The Journey of Rogers County Training Center (RCTC)

Empowering Lives For Those With Intellectual Disabilities Through Work Placement

By: Aarika Copeland | Category: Special Interest | Issue: July 2024

RCTC clients hard at work at Claremore’s Centsible Spending location. Value News Magazine & Values, Inc. photo, 2024.

RCTC clients hard at work at Claremore’s Centsible Spending location. Value News Magazine & Values, Inc. photo, 2024.

In Claremore lies a beacon of hope and empowerment for individuals with intellectual disabilities—Rogers County Training Center (RCTC), a subsidiary of Home of Hope. RCTC stands as a testament to the potential within everyone, irrespective of the challenges they face. With their job training and support framework, RCTC has transformed lives, fostering independence and self-reliance among its participants.

“Some people with intellectual disabilities come into their young adult lives with the message a job is probably out of reach for them,” Home of Hope CEO, Ralph Richardson, Ph.D, said. “But when they get an opportunity to work, they are some of the hardest working people I’ve ever seen, because they value what they were told they may never have.”

RTCT Employment Opportunities

Currently, RCTC proudly employs 38 individuals through initiatives like their onsite recycling program, their resale shop born from community generosity, Centsible Spending in the heart of the Lilac District, and Claremore’s Metropolitan Environmental Trust (MET) location on Ramm Road.

In a recent stride towards inclusivity and community interaction, RCTC proudly announced the opening of a new distribution drop-off site at its facility. The drop-off site offers clients a platform to engage with the public, fostering social interactions and building confidence. Such opportunities are invaluable, as they align with RCTC’s overarching goal of integrating its participants into the societal fabric, acknowledging their capabilities and contributions.

“The opening of RCTC’s on-site distribution center allows our clients more interaction with the public, and gives the public a chance to get a visual of what is actually going on here,” Rick Davis, RCTC’s Vocational Service Director, said.

Comprehensive Workforce Training

While RCTC prides itself on employing clients through its recycling and resale initiatives, the true essence of RCTC lies in its commitment to providing comprehensive workforce training and placement for individuals with intellectual disabilities. These programs are designed not just to offer employment but to equip RCTC’s clients with the skills, confidence, and experience needed to thrive in the broader workforce. This is where the community’s role becomes pivotal. Local businesses and organizations are encouraged to consider partnering with RCTC for job placements, opening doors to meaningful employment opportunities for these capable individuals. By integrating RCTC clients into various work environments, the community can play a transformative role in fostering inclusivity, diversity, and empowerment in the workplace.

“Many times people focus on the disability and lose sight of what these people can do,” Davis said, with Richardson adding, “The desire to work and to prove they can do well, it sometimes surprises people.

RCTC Golf Tournament

A notable highlight in RCTC’s calendar is the annual RCTC Golf Tournament, a tradition that recently celebrated its 39th iteration. Thanks to the unwavering support and dedication of local volunteers and organizations like BancFirst, the tournament has grown into a significant fundraiser for the center. As we look forward to the 40th tournament next year, RCTC invites new sponsors, promising not only a day of sport and camaraderie but the opportunity to make a tangible difference in the lives of many.

Making Dreams a Reality

When contemplating where to make donations or deciding on a recycling option, remember the Rogers County Training Center (RCTC) as a prime choice. For employers keen on fostering an inclusive workplace, by reaching out to RCTC, businesses can access a pool of dedicated, trained individuals ready to contribute meaningfully to their workforce. The recent establishment of a new drop off distribution center at RCTC, located conveniently at its backside, can significantly contribute to the success of this initiative. Your involvement enhances the center’s ability to provide valuable interactions and services to its clients and the wider community.

“That’s the dream — for the clients that we serve to work out in the community and in other settings,” Richardson said.

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