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About Home of Hope

At Home of Hope, we provide opportunities for people with disabilities to create their own paths, to make their houses into homes, to find meaning and reward in their own jobs, to create friendships, and to enjoy activities in the community. These opportunities are a very specialized doorway to the lives many individuals would never be able to enjoy otherwise.

Doing enough for people but never too much. Being supportive but never controlling. Being kind but never patronizing. These are daily decisions and actions that make Home of Hope the place that it is, and hopefully, on our best days, the place that each of the people we serve truly deserve to be.

In the decades since parents and supporters banded together to individually create Home of Hope, Rogers County Training Center and Delaware County Friendship Homes, the number of individuals with developmental disabilities and family members who have benefited from services provided by these organizations is immeasurable. As the three organizations join to work together sharing knowledge and resources, we currently serve more than 250 adults with intellectual disabilities.

Our services span 5 counties in northeast Oklahoma in the communities of Vinita, Claremore, Grove, Jay, Miami and Pryor. We have a strategic plan to expand to other communities, extending our reach and meeting more needs.

We provide a wide range of services tailored to meet the needs of each individual. Our residential services offer many levels of support. Our settings, individual goals, and caring staff promote independence. Ranging from group homes to services in private homes, our residential programs allow individuals to live in a secure, comfortable environment with staff trained to provide necessary assistance while maximizing individuals' abilities.

Vocational services staff work to help individuals gain jobs that promote self-worth and achievement. Jobs are matched to individuals' abilities, skills and interests and are re-evaluated regularly. Jobs can include contracted assembly work in our sheltered workshops, customer service and operation of our thrift stores, sorting donations to our recycling businesses, as well as work-groups and individuals working at local businesses. Individuals are supported by a job coach based on needs with some working independently in the community.

We maintain a schedule of organized activities to meet a variety of interests and abilities. Many individuals participate in Special Olympics activities including golf, bowling, swimming, track & field and more. We are proud to say our Fighting Peacocks men's unified softball team members are the reigning USA Games gold medal winners! And we have the largest team of competitors year after year at the Oklahoma Summer Games! Combine Special Olympics training and competition with our equestrian program, fishing, dances, fitness program, and community outings and there is something for everyone.

Our mission and core values guide all decision making and employee culture.

Our mission is to empower people with disabilities.

Our core values:

Client Centered Care. We are committed to making all decisions and performing all actions with the well-being of the men and women we serve as our primary focus, and to always put their interests ahead of our own.

Accountability. We take personal responsibility, as an organization and individuals, for our actions, hold each other accountable, and expect to be held accountable any point throughout the year for our decisions and actions.

Respect. While keeping the focus on the needs of the men and women we serve, we also commit to demonstrating mutual respect in communication and actions so that a positive environment for everyone is maintained.

Excellence. We are committed to using established best practices, to evaluating effectiveness of our efforts, and to demonstrating a willingness to chance current practices at any point based on evidence that change is needed.

"We feel the natural progression of life is for children to grow, leave the nest, and have a life of their own. As Chris was nearing high school graduation we searched for a place where he could build independence - living with roommates, working, and making as many choices as possible in a safe and caring environment. We found that place in Home of Hope." - Cheryl and Gary Ford

Meet Our Team
Chief Executive Officer Ralph Richardson, PhD
Chief Operating Officer Dena Pitts
Director, Community Supports Aaron Brown
Director, Facilities and Maintenance Joe Foss
Chief Financial Officer Joe Frazier
Director, ICF Cindy Rogers
Director, Human Resources Amy Wyrick

Home of Hope provides community based residential service options ranging from in-home support where employees provide support to people in their own homes to housing in small group settings. All residential programs provide trained staff to work with residents with varying degrees of need from profound to mild developmental disabilities and those who are medically fragile. Residential staff members assist individuals when needed and teach everyday life skills such as meal planning and preparation, housekeeping, shopping, money management, self-care, leisure time planning and much more.
Home of Hope residential programs include:
Community Supports Program
Home of Hope Community Supports enable people with disabilities to have the opportunity to live in their own home or in their family’s home. Support services are tailored to the individual’s abilities and needs and may range from a few hours to 24 hours a day.
Group Homes
Home of Hope’s Group Homes provide residential living in a group setting of 6 to 10 people with developmental disabilities. The group home environment is ideal for an individual who is very independent, but requires some amount of assistance and support to meet their daily needs.
ICF/IID (Intermediate Care Facilities for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities)
Home of Hope’s ICF-IID program provides residential living in a group setting of 6 to 8 people with developmental disabilities. This program is for people requiring 24-hour a day care.

Home of Hope’s vocational vision is to give people with disabilities the opportunity to enjoy the same privileges that others enjoy – the opportunity to earn real wages for real work, the pride of employment, and to chance to be productive members of their communities. To fulfill that vision, Home of Hope’s vocational program offers services based on an individual’s ability and needs. The development of work-readiness skills such as attention to task and development of appropriate motor skills may be part of the services provided. Our services range from pre-employment skills training with job coach oversight to independent community placement. Generally, employment begins with skills training in one of our many client operated businesses or sheltered workshops. Training includes a wide range of activities that are directed at specific goals leading to job development.
Client Operated Businesses
Community Employment
Rogers County Training Center
Delaware County Friendship Homes
Vocational Contact for Services

Swimmer medalHome of Hope takes great pride in our activities programs that offer events and opportunities for people with all levels of ability. Activities take place in our homes, at our activities center, and in the community. From dances every month to game days, movies, bingo, ice cream socials, and crafts, there is always something going on. “Get Up and Move” takes place regularly, with a focus on healthy activities and healthy choices. Community trips include the movie theater, sporting events, museums, theme parks, zoos and many more!
Home of Hope’s equine program has grown in just a few years from a few riders to more than 50 individuals who ride each year. Home of Hope hosts an annual rodeo for all of our riders to compete and for family and friends to have the opportunity to come and cheer them on.
Our golf team has grown from two individuals to nearly 30 in just a few years as well. Men and women choosing to participate practice weekly during golf season at the beautiful course at Shangri-La due to a wonderful partnership that has developed with them over the years.
One of our greatest sources of pride is that Home of Hope has one of Oklahoma’s largest and most successful Special Olympic programs in the state of Oklahoma, with over 100 athletes competing year-round. Some of the events we participate in are swimming, equine, bowling and track & field. This program has many benefits for our residents including physical exercise, social interaction, and a sense of pride and accomplishment. Our Olympic team competes in Oklahoma Special Olympics. Additional information can be found on their web site at

Home of Hope was created in 1968, by two mothers of children with Down syndrome, at a time when adults with developmental disabilities were given little hope or support toward social interaction, a purposeful life, or any semblance of independence.

Millions of men and women in the United States live with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Every day, individuals struggle with impairment in functions most of us take for granted, and they often find themselves separated from involvement in a world that doesn’t know how to respond to their needs – a world that either doesn’t notice or chooses to ignore their presence. The history of society’s treatment of men and women with disabilities has been filled with personal tragedy, ranging from the damaging assumption that they are capable of so little, so they should be allowed to do little, to the unspoken fearfulness that has led to efforts to isolate or harm those who could not defend themselves. Many still endure physical and verbal abuse, extreme neglect, and ridicule. Even more are left without opportunities to truly live, thrive, and find purpose in their lives because it is assumed that they are incapable of productive work, meaningful relationships, and a fulfilling life.

It is this marginalized treatment of these individuals that led Dr. Ralph Richardson to Home of Hope, a nonprofit organization based in Vinita that provides residential, vocational and other services to individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities. Dr. Richardson is a psychologist who has worked with trauma victims throughout his career, including families of children with medical crises such as cancer and blood diseases. Prior to joining Home of Hope as chief executive officer in August of 2014, Dr. Richardson worked with at-risk youth at Hope Harbor Children’s Home in Claremore for 10 years.

Home of Hope, Rogers County Training Center and Delaware County Friendship Homes, work together to serve more than 250 adults with intellectual disabilities. Their services span 5 counties in N.E. Oklahoma in the communities of Vinita, Claremore, Grove, Jay, Miami and Pryor. We provide a wide range of services tailored to meet the needs of each individual. Their residential services offer many levels of support.

Vocational services staff work to help individuals gain jobs that promote self-worth and achievement. Their organized activities, including participation in Special Olympics, meet a variety of interests and abilities. Home of Hope employs more than 400 individuals dedicated to providing the best quality of life to those we serve. To support its many important programs, Home of Hope does hold several fundraising events throughout the year, but what it needs most is ongoing financial and volunteer support, and of course it’s always looking for great people to join its team of dedicated employees. Home of Hope is always looking to add or train direct support professionals to make a difference in the lives of people with disabilities.

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