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Things to Know before a Remodel

By: Aarika Copeland | Category: Home Improvement | Issue: July 2024

Tile by Tony owner Tony Semanti. Value News Magazine & Values, inc. photo June 2024.

Tile by Tony owner Tony Semanti. Value News Magazine & Values, inc. photo June 2024.

Many homeowners embark on renovation journeys to add more space, accommodating growing families or changing needs. Others might focus on upgrading their interiors with new cabinets, counters, appliances, and fixtures to refresh their living spaces. The reasons for home remodeling are as varied as the projects themselves. The question ‘where do I start?’ can seem daunting, but not when you’re working with Tile by Tony. “For the last 30 years we’ve been doing full kitchen and bathroom remodels, from sheetrock and framing to tile, plumbing, and cabinets,” Tony Sementi said, owner of Tile by Tony.

Tony and his team of trusted experts, who have been with the company for 6 to 20 years, bring reliability and craftsmanship to every project. Known for their dedication and quality, they operate with a “contractor for life” philosophy, ensuring that they are your partners in maintaining and enhancing your home for the life of your remodel. “We want to wow our customers without giving them the hassle or frustration that comes when trying to do it themselves.”

Things to keep in mind when approaching your next remodel project:

Understanding the Financials: Your Budget

Before you even pick out a tile or draft a design, understanding your budget is paramount in maximizing your investment. At Tile by Tony, the experts can help guide your material and design choices to ensure they fit within your budget while still achieving the aesthetic and functionality you desire. Remember, transparency about costs from the get-go can prevent financial headaches later, that’s why Tile by Tony provides a comprehensive pricing guide that details all materials and costs, ensuring transparency and helping you budget effectively for your remodel. This breakdown allows customers to understand exactly where their investment goes, making the planning process straightforward and predictable. “If you’re too focused on price, you’ll miss the value,” Tony said. “It’s best to come in with a budget in mind.”

Realistic Expectations: Project Timelines

A clear and realistic timeline not only helps manage your expectations but also help plan your life around the renovation. The duration of a renovation largely depends on the scope of the project. Tile by Tony’s professionals are adept at estimating how long your specific project will take, considering factors like material delivery and the scale of work. Always account for some flexibility in your timeline to accommodate any unexpected delays, ensuring a less stressful remodeling process. But more importantly, the homeowner-builder relationship is about transparency, honesty, and open communication

“It’s more than just doing the job. Your privacy is going to be shot for the length of the project, so I want to make sure we’re putting trustworthy people in your home,” he said.

Visualizing Success: Your Design Vision

Having a solid idea of what you want your space to look like after the remodel can significantly streamline the process. Whether it’s a modern look for your kitchen or a classic feel for your bathroom, clarity in your design goals helps everyone. Use resources like magazines, online platforms such as Pinterest, and advice from Tile by Tony’s design experts to shape your vision. These professionals can bring a wealth of knowledge, from suggesting the most durable materials to the most efficient layouts that could better serve your space.

“It’s our job to interpret our customer’s vision. They entrust it to us. And the best part will always be seeing their reaction to the finished product,” he said.

This comprehensive approach ensures that your remodel meets your expectations and enhances the overall value and enjoyment of your home. Ready to transform your space with confidence and expertise? Contact Tile by Tony today to start your journey toward a beautifully remodeled home!

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Tips from Tile By Tony

Many homeowners embark on renovation journeys to add more space, accommodating growing families or changing needs. ... Read more »

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