Preventing Dryer Vent & Chimney Fires

By: Macy Goodnight | Category: Home Improvement | Issue: May 2020

For over 42 years, Black Hat Cleaning Services owner David Harris, Sr. has been serving N.E. Oklahoma.

For over 42 years, Black Hat Cleaning Services owner David Harris, Sr. has been serving N.E. Oklahoma.

The iconic look of Black Hat Cleaning Services, Inc. has become synonymous with honesty, integrity and unsurpassed professionalism. When you see the hat, you know you’re getting the absolute best in chimney, air duct and dryer vent cleaning.

In 1977, owner and founder, David Harris, Sr. started his chimney sweep business in a time when healthy living in the home was gaining traction. In 1983, he bought the first air duct cleaning truck in Oklahoma and began providing the best service in its class. By the following year, they incorporated dryer vent cleaning. Over the years, his company has evolved into a trusted name in the business. “It’s amazing in this industry to have this kind of longevity,” he said. “Everywhere I go, I wear my hat. I always wanted everyone to recognize my company with my top hat.”

The services provided by Black Hat encompass comprehensive safety and overall health in the home. Chimney sweep services as well as dryer duct cleaning, are essential for fire prevention, and air duct cleaning is vital for the air quality inside the home, ensuring a healthy breathing environment. David offers constructive advice with service to assist in cost savings for energy usage and can even result in less frequency in required cleaning service. “Air duct cleaning times depend on how often you change your filters, what kind of filter you’re using, and their placement,” he said. “If you’re using the right filters and keeping those fresh, you’ll actually have a less frequent need for professional cleaning service.” On average, air duct cleaning is standard once a year for those using less quality fiberglass filters.

Fire burning chimneys are recommended to be cleaned depending on wood-burning capacity, with a standard recommendation of professional sweep every 3 to 4 ricks of wood burned. Gas burning fireplaces only need cleaned every 15 to 20 years. “If you’re not sure if your chimney needs cleaning, at least have it inspected,” David said. “If you’ve never had it cleaned, clean it!”

You can’t miss the Black Hat Cleaning van when it’s in your neighborhood.

You can’t miss the Black Hat Cleaning van when it’s in your neighborhood.

With cooler weather coming soon, fireplaces will likely see more use, but most people spend more time indoors as a result of colder temperatures. The air quality within the home should be clean, without dust and particles blowing around in the air that is breathed.

Dryer duct cleaning is sometimes overlooked by homeowners but should be a top priority regarding fire safety. Many home fires are caused every year by the lint that gets trapped within the pipes and once ignited can quickly burn throughout a home. “Dryer lint is the best thing you can use to start a campfire,” said David. “It is highly flammable. You don’t want that trapped in your wall as a fire hazard.”

David’s sound advice for homeowners is only a small part of the comprehensive service provided by Black Hat. Honesty and integrity are at the forefront of his business practice and what his customers see when they see him in his top hat. “My customers know that they can trust me to be honest, and take care of them, give them peace of mind.”

Over the years, just as David’s hat has gotten taller, the services have evolved to become more efficient, time-saving and thorough. “I was one of the first people in this business to clean a chimney from the bottom up, and it was a quicker, cleaner, and safer cleaning process then,” he said. Chimney cleaning can take up to 45 minutes. David loves his work and the people he serves. “This is my 42nd year in business, and many more years ahead.”

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