Why Choose Superior for Garage Doors, Service & Repairs

By: Macy Goodnight | Category: Home Improvement | Issue: May 2020

Owners Steve and Tammy Lewis.

Owners Steve and Tammy Lewis.

For 12 years, Superior Overhead Door has been committed to proving their name says everything about their business.  Owners Steve and Tammy Lewis are positive they are providing their customers with everything they promise.  “We strive to represent ourselves truthfully,” said Steve, “by standing stronger than our competitors and always being what we say we are.” 

Superior is recognized for top-rate customer service.  “Not only are our products superior,” said Tammy, “but we get compliments on our staff all the time because of the service we provide.” “When you’re getting feedback like that from your customer base,” Steve added, “you know you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing, and it feels good.”

In addition to standard steel doors, they also offer custom wood designs and accent hardware for the latest trends in home curb appeal.  With a wide array of selections to choose from, most any budget can be accommodated on pricing.  “We are very competitive with our pricing with a better bang for your buck,” said Steve.

Metal doors are also available in a wood-look, with plank-style available in different colors.  “You don’t have to do anything to it,” said Steve, comparing them to the custom wood doors, which must be prepped and stained or painted after installation.  Customers can see the many wood finishes available on site, or shop online. 

Wood-look metal doors are elegant and durable.

Wood-look metal doors are elegant and durable.

A newly expanded showroom gives customers more to see and experience, to assist in making the most optimal choice for their home.  “It gave us the opportunity to show how much we can do,” said Steve. “Customers can use all of their senses to make a choice.”

Tech-savvy customers will appreciate the latest in high-tech overhead door motors now available, as all new systems come with the ability to operate doors from the convenience of their cell phone.  “This is convenient for when you leave your garage door open after you leave,” said Tammy.  “You can now check to make sure it’s closed, and even operate it from your phone.”  The increased security is a bonus, as well as the added convenience of wi-fi. Also available are operators with back up batteries in case of power outages. The newest motors are quieter, smoother, and sturdier than ever before.

Oklahoma weather makes durability a requirement, especially for overhead doors.  “Many people don’t realize how important the garage door is during major storms,” said Steve.  “The door needs to stay in place during high winds for home stability.”  Some specialty doors are wind rated to withstand winds up to 150 mph. Wind ratings will dictate pricing on these durable doors.

Steve and Tammy recommend thinking ahead for spring weather and ensuring overhead doors are maintained.  The experts at Superior can provide annual maintenance on overhead doors to ensure they are working properly and can recommend updates to keep them online and operating safely and efficiently.  Superior’s technicians are highly trained for installation and maintenance, and all technicians will always be identifiable, as they will arrive in a Superior Overhead Door service vehicle for added security.

It is in the smallest details that Superior delivers to ensure that they are providing their customers with the absolute best in overhead door sales and service.  “Our customers trust us, and they know we are going to do it right,” said Steve.  “Our name says it all.  We want to be superior to our competition.”

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Why Choose Superior for Garage Doors, Service & Repairs

For 12 years, Superior Overhead Door has been committed to proving their name says everything about their business.  Owners Steve and Tammy Lewis are positive they …... Read more »

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