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By: Amy Beth Dobbins | Category: Health & Fitness | Issue: August 2017

Husband and Wife Team, Steve and Paula Dibbins train with a focus on complete health and wellness.

Husband and Wife Team, Steve and Paula Dibbins train with a focus on complete health and wellness.

“We pride ourselves in educating…our goal is to equip people to further their fitness for a lifetime,” explains Steve Dibbins, co-owner of COR619 in Owasso. Steve and his wife, Paula, opened the doors to COR619 about a year and a half ago, but their experience in fitness reaches far beyond. A former tennis coach, Steve was interested in helping people move beyond performance fitness and into overall wellness. Paula, having worked in healthcare administration, was also interested in a more personalized way to help people get healthy, avoiding the calamity that she so often encountered in her line of work.

Prior to opening COR619, the Dibbins were franchise owners at Fitness Together in Owasso for approximately ten years. The experiences there were invaluable. In fact, many of their former clients followed them into their new endeavor. “We wanted to simplify things and to provide more flexibility for our clients at COR619. We want this experience to be focused on wellness,” states Steve.

“We have separate training rooms, so there is one individual and one trainer at a time in a personal training session—you aren’t in front of everyone in a big gym.” COR619 is also unique in its team approach. The owners, alongside two other trainers, are familiar with every client and his goals. Through the team approach, there is more flexibility in scheduling sessions which last for either thirty or forty-five minutes. Further, if a client has follow-up questions or needs additional information, someone is consistently available.

From athletic training—increased agility, strength, speed—to drastic weight loss and improved energy, there is story after story of life-changing transformation among COR619 clients. Everyone is given both sides of the wellness equation—fitness and nutrition. Initially, a free consultation is scheduled for interested individuals to assess current fitness level—body fat, strength, endurance, and flexibility. After defining an individual’s goals, a meal plan is designed based on current activity level, weight, medical conditions, etc. The meal plan is measured in macronutrients and is simple to use and track. “We customize the nutrition plan based on how much gas you need in the tank—how much energy is needed. It is a blueprint,” explains Paula.

Cor 619 co-owners Paula Dibbins and Steve Dibbins.

Cor 619 co-owners Paula Dibbins and Steve Dibbins.

COR619 offers additional amenities as well. A cardio room is accessible for independent workouts, and online training packages are available for individuals that are not local or travel frequently. In fact, COR619 has served multiple out-of-state clients. It also boasts a state-of-the-art infrared sauna which utilizes targeted heat levels for benefits such as: pain relief, relaxation, and wound healing. Further, nutritional products such as weight loss coffee may be purchased onsite or at: www.pauladibbins.com or www.stevedibbins.com

Prices of individual packages vary, but motivation and accountability come standard at COR619. “It is all about relationships here,” says Paula, “we are able to be a difference-maker in personal growth.”

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