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By: Aarika Copeland | Category: Automotive | Issue: November 2023

Lead Mechanic & Pro Vehicle Problem Solver Jay Peary is shown working on a Jeep.
Photo by TG Photography

Lead Mechanic & Pro Vehicle Problem Solver Jay Peary is shown working on a Jeep. Photo by TG Photography

Jerry Eason's journey began with a humble vision—to provide quality collision repair services while fostering a sense of trust and camaraderie with the residents of Claremore. What started as a two-stall shop soon gained a reputation for choice workmanship and personalized customer service. “I kept my head down and worked, worked, worked, and one day I looked up and it hit me. This is a pretty big business,” Jerry Eason said.

In-House Mechanical Repair

The business's physical presence grew over the years to reflect the communities need for Eason Collision’s services and is now a thriving automotive repair hub, spanning three buildings, twenty-four working stalls, and two drive-in estimator bays. With the expansion came a new aspect to the business—mechanical repair. “I came to Claremore with my 5x8 trailer and we can now house 28 vehicles,” Eason said. “Besides collision repair, we now offer in-house mechanical repair.”

Customer service, quality of work, and quality pricing are the principles Eason Collision employees adhere to while honoring all manufacturer warranties, besides their lifetime workmanship warranty, which ensures customers’ peace of mind. “We stay consistent and prove ourselves over and over,” he said.

Customers Are Valued

Eason fosters an environment where customer opinions are valued and acted upon. This approach as a service provider has strengthened the bond between the business and its patrons. “The customer is the one who says it’s fixed. We address questions immediately,” he said. “Most of our business is repeat or referred customers.”

Dedicated Employees

But the true driving force behind the business's success lies within the dedicated employees, some celebrating an impressive tenure of 30 years. Their team, comprised of a dynamic, diverse group of collision technicians, painters, estimators, mechanics, and staff all highly trained and dedicated to quality workmanship, and service, is the key component that keeps the wheels of progress turning. “It’s the people who work with me that make this business a success,” he said.

Transforming a small venture into a thriving establishment while preserving strong ties to the Claremore community marks Eason Collision as a testament to the American dream. “My mission when I started was to make a living and succeed. I did not know it would become what it is today.”

If you are looking for:

  • Collision Repair
  • Painting and Refinishing
  • Mechanical Services
  • Body Repair
  • Automotive Glass
  • Pre-Purchase Inspection

Eason Collision in Claremore is your collision repair partner. With unmatched expertise, customer commitment, and personalized care, you can trust Eason Collision to restore your vehicle and keep you safely on the road.

“I take pride in being a community business leader. We want to generate positive feedback and response,” Eason said.

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Eason Auto Mechanics

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