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Your Personal Guides for Perfect Cabinetry

Premium Cabinets owners offer guidance for those considering remodeling.

By: Haylie Smart | Category: Home Improvement | Issue: December 2023

Owner Austin Gulic with Caleb Treat, operations manager.

Owner Austin Gulic with Caleb Treat, operations manager.

If you’ve never remodeled your home, or even just a room in your home, the project can be daunting. Where do you start? Who do you call? Better yet, who can you trust? Maybe all you really need is help executing your vision of what you want your home or room to look like. Gary and Austin Gullic, a father-son duo, are the owners of Premium Cabinets in Tulsa, and they’ve been in the game a long time. They understand the confusion and wariness of starting a remodeling project, but they have a few helpful pieces of advice that can make it easier.

I have an idea. Can you bring it to life?

Sometimes someone has a general idea of what they want, or they’ve seen pictures of something they like, but they don’t know what it’s called, where to get it, or which business has the better quality. Premium Cabinets is able to help customers by designing a kitchen or bathroom in a 3D format that includes the countertops, sink, and cabinets based on the measurements of the room. “It helps to give them a clear idea of what their walkspace is and what their storage space would look like inside the cabinets,” Gary said. And as for quality, Premium Cabinets are all wood construction and not particle board like big box stores. Wood cabinets are durable, easier to install, and water resistant.

How much does it cost?

Probably the most scary part of a remodeling project is the price tag. What does a kitchen cost to remodel? Or a bathroom? A lot of that will depend on how in depth your remodel is or how stylistic you want your room to be. A room only receiving new cabinets will be less than a room receiving new cabinets, countertops, backsplash, and flooring. And though Gary can give good numbers on the cost of cabinets and installation, only a ballpark estimate can be given on any other work; but Premium Cabinets has developed great relationships with many contractors and will refer a customer to the right person for the job. But rest assured, if you’re working with a budget Gary and Austin will always work within that.

Who can I trust?

If a customer is nervous about running a project themselves and doesn't know who to trust for all the individual moving parts, Gary is happy to provide referrals to contractors they work with directly. He doesn’t refer customers to anyone he believes isn’t trustworthy or will do a poor job. And this goes beyond basic needs, such as a plumber or electrician. Premium Cabinets will even refer a customer who is wanting a specific material. “We don’t work with granite, but we have a granite company we love and we refer people to them,” he said. “We love the tradespeople we work with.”

How long does it take?

The time it takes to complete a remodeling project is just as important to a customer as the cost of it. And if there’s one thing Gary has learned through the years of selling and installing cabinets, it’s to not tear out your existing cabinets until your new ones have arrived at his warehouse, which can take a few weeks. “This is because people don’t want to do their dishes in the bathtub,” he said. Time is hard to pin down because there are many moving parts with a remodel, but Gary can say that if you’re not living in the home it’ll go a lot faster. “A lot of the time though we can give a timeline of how it’s going to work with each stage and section.”

Who will make it easier?

If there’s one point to take away from this article it’s that when starting a remodeling project you only really need to know two people: Gary and Austin Gullic. They can go beyond satisfying your cabinetry needs by pointing you in the right direction for all other remodeling needs–and that makes your life a whole lot easier.

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