Better Air Duct Cleaning Gets Rid of Dirt, Dust, and Debris

Clean Air Ducts and Dryer Vents will enhance your home’s air and efficiency

By: Aarika Copeland | Category: Home Improvement | Issue: January 2024

David Harris cleaning an air duct. Photo by TG Photography

David Harris cleaning an air duct. Photo by TG Photography

The satisfaction of seeing a well-executed plan come together is a rewarding experience, and David Harris, the owner and operator of Better Air Duct Cleaning, is no exception. With 30 years of experience, Harris consistently exceeds expectations in regard to his unique air duct cleaning plan — a procedure developed by Harris over 20 years ago.  “This procedure, along with our expertise and locally designed and crafted tools, allows us to thoroughly clean our customer’s vents,” Harris said.

Why Are Thing So Dusty?

Even with proper filter maintenance, dirt and dust can get into a home’s system over the years. Dirt is picked up as the air cycles through the system and is redistributed into the home. Some factors that affect the cleanliness of residential air ducts: animals in the home, children playing inside and outside the home, filter maintenance, and pest and rodents can cause issues with airflow and debris buildup.

Why Choose Better Air Duct Cleaning?

Better Air Duct Cleaning’s reviews speak for themselves, revealing tangible evidence of allergy and dust relief in customer homes after having their ducts serviced.
“A customer’s wife suffered a chronic cough for years, which significantly lessened after we serviced their ducts, and he credits us with helping her affliction,” Nicole Harris said. “I’m not saying this happens every time, but the evidence of a more comfortable home is there.”

A third-generation air duct cleaning professional, Harris started cleaning ductwork over thirty years ago working with his father’s company before striking out on his own and now considered an expert in his field throughout the Tulsa Metro, and is trusted by over 15 local companies. Along with doing work for residential homeowners, Better Air also partners with heating and air contractors, apartment complexes, and realtors. 

Why Buy Local?

When choosing Better Air Duct Cleaning, a family-owned and operated business in Broken Arrow, you are also, “supporting the local economy of Broken Arrow and keeping your hard-earned money here in Oklahoma.”

Harris pursued a career that is also his passion, and it’s precisely why choosing Better Air Duct Cleaning is a wise decision. An unwavering passion for the process and dedication to their customers shines through in every aspect of their service.

“I enjoy this. I like seeing the end result, I like our procedure,” he said. “We make people more comfortable in their environment, whether through cleanliness or quality of air, peace of mind, or improved efficiency of their system.”

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