Devices for Most Every Concern

The Spy Shop features devices for most every concern

By: Teresa Bond-Mason | Category: Retail | Issue: August 2018


At one time, it was only James Bond who could use his watch to spy on the evil-doings of those around him. But thanks to The Spy Shop, located in the Fontana Shopping Center at 51st and Memorial, those fantasies have now become reality.

“Technology has advanced so much, that it’s become much easier to protect not only our belongings, but the people in our lives who matter,” says Larry Ferguson, owner of The Spy Shop. Larry, who started out as a private investigator, also has a background as a security consultant and police officer. “It just evolved into this business because I enjoy helping people solve their safety and security problems.”

Larry says that in the world of ever-changing technology, people easily get overwhelmed and that is one big advantage of The Spy Shop over buying gear from an internet shop. “Each product we sell has been tested by my staff to make sure it works as it’s intended to. I want to be able to explain it to the customer, not just sell the latest gadget.” Keeping up on the spy gear also takes dedication on Larry’s part. It’s a constant learning process of attending seminars, obtaining certificates and learning about the newest products coming out on the market.

What are some of these gadgets you’re wondering? All products are user friendly, yet innovative and range from outlets, tissue boxes, flower arrangements and coffee pots with hidden cameras to  bug detectors you can carry in your bag so you’ll always know if there is a hidden camera around. Need to retrieve deleted text messages from a phone from nine months ago? Not a problem, Larry’s got the equipment that can easily do the trick. There are GPS trackers of course, which one may think is pointless with the cell phones most of us carry. But, what about elderly parents who may not have a cell phone. Or, you may be concerned someone is tracking you with a GPS. No worries, The Spy Shop has a GPS jammer.

“When a lot of these items came out, people automatically thought of nanny-cams,” explains Larry. “However, you can make sure your house is safe, your pets are ok, your parents are being treated well in a nursing home . . . there are all sorts of uses. It’s really like insurance and it keeps people accountable.”

Besides assisting the public with safety concerns, The Spy Shop also caters to commercial businesses. Unlike some alarm companies, who insist on bundling their products, The Spy Shop specializes in using Larry’s 30 plus years of knowledge and only installs security equipment necessary for the space. And, The Spy Shop never adds monthly fees.

An additional advantage to this local company is the information provided on its Facebook page. “We do a lot more than just advertise,” boasts Larry. “We really want it to be an extra service we provide to people by offering safety tips, trends and news stories in the community that may affect people’s overall safety.”

The Spy Shop is opened Monday through Friday from 10AM to 6PM. Orders also can be placed on the internet and either shipped or picked up in the store at Or, give Larry a call at 918-283-4779.

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Teresa Bond-Mason is an Oklahoma native and a graduate from the University of Tulsa with a degree in communication. Teresa has written a wide range of articles from insurance journals to book reviews and of course her latest work for Value News! In her spare time, Teresa enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, reading and scrapbooking.

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