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Vincent Anthony Jewelers specializes in gifts for Valentine’s Day and other special occasions.

By: Duane Blankenship | Category: Retail | Issue: February 2013

Part of the Vincent Anthony sales staff includes Owner ­Lonnie Iannazzo, Assistant Manager Connie Hill-Tinsley, Ashley Taylor, Valorie Reynolds and Rhonda Amaro.

Part of the Vincent Anthony sales staff includes Owner ­Lonnie Iannazzo, Assistant Manager Connie Hill-Tinsley, Ashley Taylor, Valorie Reynolds and Rhonda Amaro.

Vincent Anthony Jewelers has locations in Tulsa and Broken Arrow. Owner Lonnie Iannazzo has been in the jewelry business for more than 30 years and has served customers in the ­metropolitan area for 13 years. “Valentine’s Day injects emotion into the hearts of the young and old, male and female alike,” says Lonnie. “Being one of the most romantic days of the year, it’s no wonder many elect Valentine’s as the perfect day to propose ­marriage or to confirm feelings to a spouse or significant other, making the event a great ­celebration.”  

    With stores located at 101st and Sheridan in Tulsa and on Aspen just south of the BA Expressway in Broken Arrow, you’ll find offerings to satisfy anyone on your list for the ­special occasion. Vincent Anthony specializes in well-known lines of quality jewelry for both men and women.

    An all-time gift favorite is Pandora, a Danish design in ­sterling silver and 14-karat gold with Murano glass, pearls, ­

semi-precious stones and cubic zirconia. The Pandora collection gives the wearer unique ­opportunities to create her own personal look and add matching charms over time to bracelets, necklaces, earrings, pendants and rings. Pandora makes it easy to recall unforgettable moments. Many products in the Pandora line are priced comparably to what you’d expect to spend on a nice box of chocolates.

    Speaking of chocolates, “Vincent Anthony carries ­gorgeous Chocolate Diamonds® exclusively from Le Vian®, the originator of bringing Chocolate Diamonds to the jewelry ­market,” says Lonnie. Le Vian’s original brand of natural, fancy color brown diamonds are sold exclusively by Le Vian and ­feature natural brown diamonds that are available in shades from champagne to chocolate. Lonnie says, “Le Vian recognized the beauty of Chocolate Diamonds for their rarity and dark rich ­color and created a campaign to brand them.”

    If you’re interested in rings, Lonnie says, “Vincent Anthony has an outstanding selection of loose diamonds and mountings that we can combine to ­personalize your ring set. Vincent Anthony’s exquisite quality diamonds are available in any shape and size.” When you select your diamond, it can also be crafted into a piece of fully custom-designed jewelry.

    When you visit either Vincent Anthony location, you’ll be pleased to see that it is an upscale, full-service jewelry store offering the highest quality in brand names you know: Andrea Candela, Mark Schneider, Gucci and Michele Watches, Vincent Anthony Signature Watches, Pandora, Simon G, Vahan, William Schraft, India Hicks, and other popular lines, many of which are offered exclusively by Vincent Anthony Jewelers in the Tulsa market.

    Both the Gucci and Michele lines of watches are highly desired and popular. Most Michele watches have removable bands, permitting wearers to select multiple stainless steel or colored bands to enhance their watch as they mix and match to suit the outfit they’re wearing.  

    “We also have a great ­selection of the William Henry Studio limited-edition collector knives, money clips and writing instruments,” says Lonnie. These beautifully crafted pieces are sure to please any man.

    Vincent Anthony provides all types of in-store jewelry repair for your convenience. They also resize rings, check diamond ­settings, and provide excellent jewelry services to ensure ­customer satisfaction.

    Jewelry is probably the most popular gift for ladies, and a quality piece of jewelry from Vincent Anthony can last several lifetimes when passed down from generation to generation.  Staff members are experienced experts and truly enjoy serving their customers. They hope you’ll visit Vincent Anthony Jewelers as you do your Valentine’s Day shopping.

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