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High-end European beauty products are now available exclusively at Walgreens

By: Christy Smith | Category: Health & Beauty | Issue: April 2007

Shayne Hollock, cosmetics supervisor, and Ro Sanders, senior beauty consultant

Walgreens has always provided its customers with excellent customer service and a variety of products. The company is excited to announce a new line of skincare products with department store quality and low, everyday prices. The European Beauty Collection includes products from all over Europe and is now available exclusively at select Walgreens stores.

“The new trend is all about European, high-end products, and Walgreens has them,” says Shayne Hollock, cosmetics supervisor. “Customers have been telling us that they want to buy more products with department store quality, and this collection helps them avoid an extra trip to the mall and the high prices found there.”

The new European products include:

Oli from Spain. The merchandise in this line is enriched with olive oil and olive oil extract, which both have anti-aging properties. Olive oil has served as the basis for skin health in the Mediterranean for centuries, and Oli includes a product line with items for the skin, face, hair, as well as nourishment supplements.

Arnaud from France. Arnaud is one of France’s top skincare brands. It specializes in spa therapy with cutting edge skincare. American women can now access its select anti-aging, cleansing treatments and body slimming and toning products. The cellulite treatment includes a roller to massage in the product for you.

La Fleur from Provence, France. La Fleur is an organic skincare line. Everything is grown and produced in a national park in Provence and created with a wide range of raw materials. The manufacturers of La Fleur use methods that are environmentally respectful and free of animal cruelty. Anti-aging products, cleansing treatments and daily facial and body care are all part of the La Fleur line.

Spa Aquatique from France. This excellent line is used in professional salons around the world. It offers a wonderfully relaxing re-mineralizing bath line, which brings toxins to the skin’s surface and revitalizes the skin. The energizing mist is also a popular item. All products contain marine ingredients harvested off the coast of Brittany, France. Oil-balancing face care and body-contouring treatments are highlights of the Spa Aquatique line.

Red Water from Greece. A completely natural line of cosmetics based on thermal spring water, olive oil and herbs from Greece, Red Water has created a full line for natural and complete skincare. It includes cleansers, toners, moisturizers, shower gels, body lotions and slimming products. Hollock particularly recommends the body washes.

Skincode from Switzerland. This line offers products that are 100 percent free of preservatives, fragrance, color additives and animal ingredients. Everything has been tested by dermatologists at the University Hospital in Zurich. The line is particularly excellent for sensitive skin. It includes daily skincare, cleansers, anti-aging and individual treatments for various conditions.

ARTDECO from Germany. This is a premium skincare concept for the face, hands and feet. Products are made of different formulas, including caviar essentials, the latest skin-firming molecules and liquid silk for radiantly soft skin.

IsaDora from Sweden. This high-quality cosmetic line is updated several times each year to remain current with the latest trends. Its extensive color palette appeals to women of all ages and skin tones. Also of interest is the Skin Essentials line by renown cosmetic surgeon Dr. Jeannette Martello. The collection includes night repair cream, cleansing products, makeup remover and an anti-aging serum, which comes in a kit of 30 vials, one for each day, so every application has fresh, active ingredients.

The Zeno acne-clearing device, also available at Walgreens, has received rave reviews from experts nationwide. The handheld, portable electronic device is proven to make pimples disappear quickly. Two to three treatments of only two and a half minutes over a 24-hour period generally clears mild to moderate acne.

Free samples of many of these new European products are available for customers. Testers allow shoppers to sample the fragrances and textures of each line. For more information, visit your local Walgreens or

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