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Fox’s Architectural has an ample amount of environmentally friendly supplies with customer service to match.

By: Eddie Stephens | Category: Home Improvement | Issue: April 2007

Owner of Fox’s Architectural, Kevin Fox has plenty of home design enhancements in stock.

Many homeowners are interested in cost-effective enhancements for their living spaces; however, a growing trend towards environmental awareness has many wanting to be “green” without sacrificing uniqueness. Fox’s Architectural believes you can do both. The company offers many ways to add unique touches to your décor while keeping it friendly towards the environment.

Kevin Fox has owned and operated his local business since 1999. “We offer products that take design and construction beyond the ‘cookie-cutter’ approach of typical home building,” says Fox. If you’re looking to add design, character or uniqueness to your home, Fox’s Architectural has a plentiful supply of what you will need.

Fox is current with industry trends and stays on top of the most popular design styles. “We’re constantly researching new products to cater to customers’ design ideas,” Fox says. The company’s products include a range of decorative options, including appliqués and feet, which are used to enhance or repair cabinets and mantles. The hand carved, pressed or resin products are often used to give cabinets a look more like furniture. “Not only do the products add new life where they are utilized, but they also create a refreshed, independent appeal,” Fox says. “As a decorative application, they can even be colored or stained to match existing décor.”

Corbels, as well as crown molding, have recently been popular home enhancements. Corbels are mostly support features for countertops and mantles and have many creative uses. Crown molding, which is continually in supply at Fox’s Architectural, is an impressive and amazingly inexpensive way to upgrade your home. “A few inches in width of molding can create a different look and feel in a room. We stock plenty of options to fit a variety of interior designs,” says Fox. An added bonus, most of Fox’s Architectural’s crown molding is environmentally friendly.

The company keeps in stock a large supply of MDF, medium density fiberboard. MDF is manufactured from waste and other recycled products, straw being one of them. Fox affirms MDF’s current and increasing popularity. “Being manufactured from renewable sources means it’s an environmentally friendly building material,” says Fox.

In addition to being “green,” MDF is very durable. “Compare it to a hard wood, such as pine,” says Fox. “You will find that it’s equal in strength and in application.” Other features of MDF include straightness and flexibility. Being flexible makes it extremely useful for rounded walls or for bending it to fit a particular space.

MDF comes pre-primed, which reduces the cost of installation labor. Unlike previous types of MDF, the new product does not swell when wet. Fox believes MDF is an all-around quality product for its ease of use and cost effectiveness.

Fox is equally intent on keeping his products in supply. “Our product line is constantly expanding,” Fox mentions. “You will not only find the same inventory in stock as other vendors, but you will also find different styles to suit your unique design styles.”

Whether you’re shopping for unique home design features or just enhancements to existing ones, Fox’s Architectural is your supply source. Fox’s Architectural has a sizable inventory and outstanding customer service, all with a planet-friendly approach.

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