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This is Your Year to Sparkle

By: Macy Goodnight | Category: Health & Beauty | Issue: January 2019

(L to R) Jodi, Judi, Janna & Cori help you with all facets of services at BA Med Spa & Weightloss.

(L to R) Jodi, Judi, Janna & Cori help you with all facets of services at BA Med Spa & Weightloss.

BA Med Spa is all about helping you reach your New Year’s goals!  With an amazing array of customizable services for complete body and skin care, you can rule 2019 feeling your absolute best!

Melody Hawkins, practice manager, is proud of her team of licensed nurse practitioners and PAs, offering the best in weight loss, anti-aging, and health treatments, as well as overall rejuvenation. BA Med Spa even offers hormone therapy.  “Whether you have any hormone or medical concerns, weight loss or care issues, we are here to help you,” said Melody. All initial consultations, first visits, are complementary.  The Med Spa offers a multitude of programs, all customizable to suit the needs of their patients.  Just a handful of their therapies are highlighted below.

Weight Loss Programs

The Med Spa programs include the ever-popular HCG, with updated program enhancements to be healthier and more effective in the long-term.  “We’ve tailored our program to a higher calorie count than the older version, at right about 1200 calories a day, which enables about 30 minutes of cardio exercise a day,” said Melody.  “This has been proven successful with about a 1lb to 1 ½lb a day in weight loss.”  The innovative new increased calorie diet with exercise helps determine keeping results for the long-term.

Body Sculpting

Once weight loss goals have been reached, BA Med Spa offers Cool Sculpting, one of America’s fastest growing procedures.  “Simply because it works!” Melody said. “Every patient gets results.”  Cool Sculpting targets specific fat areas, such as love handles, double chin, inner thighs, or any stubborn areas that are a nuisance despite weight loss and exercise.  “We can target those areas, and get 25% fat reduction in one treatment,” said Melody.  “You will get surgical like results without ever going under a knife, no down time, and no risk of scarring.”  Cool Sculpting provides the same results as liposuction without the risk.  “It’s everyone’s favorite procedure,” Melody said.


“Our staff is comprised of experienced medical cosmetic treatment providers,” said Melody.  All BA Med Spa staff is required to participate in quarterly training to stay up to date and knowledgeable about current and new treatments. The Med Spa specializes in Botox injections and Dermafillers.  “We try to keep our anti-aging treatment prices affordable to the masses because we want to make sure everyone can afford to feel beautiful,” she said. 


One of the newest procedures at BA Med Spa is the laser resurfacing treatment for deep and fine lines.  Additionally, Vaginal Rejuvenation procedures have been introduced, and have been received well with patients.  “It really helps to address issues women don’t think are necessary, so they just suffer in silence,” said Melody.  Some symptoms that would validate the procedure are vaginal atrophy, dryness, looseness, or inability to climax during intercourse.  The Med Spa has treated patients for these issues with a 100% success rate, and usually a 75% improvement in 3 treatments.  Additionally, urinary incontinence can be remedied with the procedure.  “50% of women have this problem, especially after childbirth, and that issue can be completely cured after three treatments, with minimal downtime,” Melody said.  “When we talk about the symptoms that justify Vaginal Rejuvenation, so many women say that’s me, I’m who you’re talking about.  We can fix it really quick and in a hurry.” Men may also seek consultation about rejuvenation.

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